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If you are injured while on the job, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. One of those benefits is Temporary Total Disability (TTD). You are entitled to TTD if you suffered a compensable work injury and your doctor imposes physical restrictions that your employer cannot accommodate. While TTD payments are a right granted by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, many insurers will either deny or delay TTD payments to injured workers. The only way to ensure you get the full compensation you are entitled to is to hire an experienced workers' compensation attorney to represent you. At the law office of Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, we make sure you are treated fairly and have the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

How Temporary Total Disability Works In Illinois

When you sustain a workplace injury, your medical bills are covered by workers' compensation. If your physician restricts you from returning to work (or gives you work restrictions that your employer cannot accommodate), then you are eligible for Temporary Total Disability.

TTD payments are 2/3 of the gross average weekly wage you earned over the course of the last 52 weeks prior to the day of the injury. The 2/3 payment is tax free. If your wage is consistent, then this is a straightforward calculation. If your wage fluctuates, it can be more complicated.

In Illinois, Temporary Total Disability is not available for the first three missed work days unless the worker misses 14 or more actual work days. You should continue to receive payments until you are able to return to work or until your doctor determines you are at maximum medical improvement (MMI). This means that you have recovered to the greatest extent possible. If after you have reached MMI you are still unable to return to your job, you may be entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation or you may qualify for Permanent Total Disability (PTD). Permanent Total Disability can be paid out as a lump sum settlement or in weekly installments.

If you have been injured while doing your job, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel. Even within the framework of the workers' compensation system there is a lot of variability and subjectivity. The worker's compensation insurance carrier may delay or deny TTD for a number of reasons, such as lack of communication, lack of medical evidence or lack of access to medical notes; Or because the insurance doctor disagrees with your doctor's recommendations. Denial of TTD benefits is common and these are just some of the reasons why the benefits can be denied or delayed. In order to reinstate your TTD privileges, you need to have a skilled attorney advocating on your behalf to ensure maximum compensation. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us to schedule a free consultation at our Crystal Lake office. We offer flexible appointment hours and will even come to you if you are unable to travel.

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