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Illinois Permanent Total Disability Lawyers

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A serious injury that leaves you permanently disabled can dramatically alter the course of your life. In addition to having to endure extensive and long-term medical treatment, you may also be unable to return to your job or find gainful employment in your line of work. Beyond the physical trauma of your injury, you will also have to deal with the financial stress of losing your livelihood. If your injury was sustained in the workplace, you are entitled to compensation for your disability. Permanent Total Disability (PTD) is a benefit paid by your employer's workers' compensation insurance to compensate for your permanent disability.

Getting A Permanent Total Disability Award In Illinois

In Illinois, it is possible to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company to pay your PTD and other workers' compensation benefits as a lump-sum settlement rather than in weekly installments. This is the preferred resolution for many people with permanent disabilities, as it resolves the matter quicker than going to trial and it can result in a substantial payout.

You should never attempt to negotiate a settlement with an insurer without legal representation. Insurers and their agents are experienced in these negotiations and will strive to limit your settlement award to the greatest extent possible. At the law office of Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, Attorney Botto is experienced in dealing with workers' compensation insurers. He knows how to strongly advocate for his clients, and he fights to obtain all of the workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to including PTD. Additionally, Attorney Botto is experienced in drafting settlement language that can protect your rights to compensation for future medical treatment and Social Security Disability.

Sometimes insurers are simply unwilling to provide the compensation that is warranted by the injury. In these cases, Attorney Botto is ready to go to trial in order to win the compensation you need and deserve. Attorney Botto is a seasoned trial attorney. Our attorneys understand the true cost of a permanent disability, and we fight to win the highest possible compensation for our clients, whether it is through weekly payments or a lump-sum settlement.

Do You Qualify For Permanent Total Disability?

It is a long hard road for an attorney and his client to earn the right to PTD benefits. It is not sufficient that an injured worker has significant work restrictions and that his/her employer cannot accommodate his/her restrictions in order to earn PTD benefits. The injured worker must engage in a program of vocational rehabilitation and initiate a job search. Ultimately, it is the worker's burden to prove that as a direct result of his disability caused by the work injury, that he cannot find a job after a diligent search.

If the injured worker does find a job that can accommodate his restrictions, but this new job pays less than his original job, then the injured worker may be eligible for wage differential benefits. Whether we are pursuing permanent total compensation or a wage differential award, our legal team will strive to keep you informed, guide you through difficult times, and fight to maximize the final outcome.

To learn more about PTD and if you qualify, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We have flexible office hours at our Crystal Lake office and make home visits when necessary.

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