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Shoulder Injury - $178,755.50
August 2019 – Settlement of $178,755.50 – Francisco J. Botto negotiated a settlement for client who sustained a shoulder injury as a result of a work related injury. Client returned to work as a physical therapist with restrictions that limited her working hours and earning capacity.
Back Injury - $203,500
February 2019, $203,500.00 - Client suffered a back injury lifting a heavy box at work, which resulted in lower back surgery with fusion. The client was unable to return to his previous job and has permanent restrictions.
Back Injury - $160,000
February 2019, $160,000.00 - Client worked for a cleaning service and injured herself while lifting a table. BGL litigated her right to have surgery. Surgery was approved to her lower back and her medical bills were paid. Client was unable to return to her previous job and has permanent restrictions.
Slip and Fall Injury - $150,000
January 2017, $150,000.00 - Petitioner was working in a restaurant and while carrying a heavy container he slipped and fell injuring the spinal cord. Petitioner underwent two surgeries, years of physical therapy and pain management. Petitioner was unable to participate in a vocational rehabilitation program but was able to secure employment on his own within the recommended restrictions. We were able to secure the petitioner the best settlement agreement and security for his future medical needs.
Slip and Fall Injury - $120,000
January 2017, $120,000.00 - Petitioner was an engineer working for the City of Naperville and while at work he was walking and slipped and fell. He suffered multiple fractures of both arms and had to undergo 2 surgeries and months of physical therapy before he was able to recover and return back to work without restrictions.
Elbow, Wrist, and Shoulder Injury - $103,000
September 2017, $103,000.00 - Client injured his elbow, wrist, and shoulder at work. Surgery was performed but shoulder claim was denied by the insurance company. The settlement included payment of disputed medical bills and temporary total disability payments in arrears. The petitioner was awarded compensation for the loss of use of 75% of their right hand.
Slip and Fall Injury - Highly Disputed
2017 - Petitioner slipped and fell at work with no witnesses. He suffered a fractured leg and hip and a subsequent infection that resulted in three separate surgeries. The workers' compensation carrier denied TTD and payment of medical bills. The employer claimed that the worker fell because his “leg gave out” as a result of a previous hip surgery. Mr. Botto successfully tried the case, and the Arbitrator ruled that all medical bills to date must be paid and TTD must be brought current.
Back Injury - $239,651
December 2016, $239,651.92 - Petitioner was a butcher and while at work lifting a heavy meat box he injured his back. He required 3 back surgeries and years of physical therapy and pain management. Still his injury was so severe that the degree of disability changed his life forever. His employer of over 20 years was unable to accommodate his permanent restrictions and he was sent to a Vocational Rehabilitation Program. After several months of attempting to secure employment within his restrictions it became obvious that was going to be impossible. We were able to secure the best settlement agreement and a level of security he needed for his future medical needs.
Back Injury - $800,000
September 2016, $800,000.00 - The Petitioner in this case suffered an injury to her back more than 14 years and was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome. Her case was tried 10 years ago by a different attorney and she was awarded permanent benefits including medical treatment and maintenance. The Respondent attorney re-opened her case in 2016 and filed motions to cut off benefits, including medical and maintenance arguing that Petitioner was no longer permanently and totally disabled. After months of litigation all issues were settled and resulted in one of the largest awards in a Worker's Compensation case.
Arm and Shoulder Injury - $84,000
BGL Attorney received a settlement of $84,000.00, where the client suffered a complicated radius fracture as well as a labrum tear. He had two surgeries and was released from care with permanent restrictions. The employer disputed the restrictions based on their own doctors' opinion. There was also a significant dispute about the client's average earnings, which was ultimately settled in favor of the client.
Fall Injury - $125,000
August 2016 Settlement - Petitioner fell off the roof of a garage during the course of his work. Client suffered wrist fractures and a skull fracture. In the end Attorney Francisco J. Botto helped the client receive a $125,000 settlement.
Shoulder Injury - $41,000
July 2016 Settlement - This was a disputed shoulder injury. Petitioner was injured at a restaurant when he was hit by a swinging door pushed by a co-worker. Respondent argued that petitioner was not injured and denied medical benefits and TTD. Conclusively, BGL settled the claim for $41,000.
Ladder Fall Injury - $64,000
May 2016 Settlement - BGL Attorney obtained a $64,000 settlement for a client who fell off a ladder while alone in the stockroom at work. The employer disputed the injury occurred at work. Client had surgery for rotator cuff tear.
Back Injury - $125,000
May 2014 Settlement - Repeat worker's compensation client for whom we successfully settled a 2004 claim also for a back injury requiring fusion. Client sustained a second back injury in 2011 while lifting steel rods at work, requiring a revision to the fusion in 2012. After an extensive recovery period including aggressive physical therapy, client was released with permanent restrictions and could not return to his previous employment. Several motions were filed by our office on client's behalf to force the workers' compensation insurance company to commence with a vocational rehabilitation program to assist client in finding alternative employment. Ultimately, client was unable to find suitable employment and case settled for $125,000.00.
Neck and Shoulder Injury - $350,000
A $350,000 settlement was obtained by Attorney Francisco J. Botto, where our client had neck and shoulder surgery due to a work accident. The employer refused to pay the correct average weekly wage, and initially denied authorization for neck surgery. After depositions of fact witnesses concerning average weekly wage, the employer agreed to reimburse our client for significant back pay in arrears, and all medical treatment was authorized.
Shoulder Injury
November 8, 2013 - Client suffered a shoulder injury and was released to work with restrictions that his employer could not accommodate. Several motions were filed for over a year on behalf of our client, for Respondent to approve vocational rehabilitation. A settlement compromise was finally reached pertaining to all disputed matters.
Back Injury - $65,799
October 14, 2013 - Client suffered a serious back injury but was able to have a good recovery and return to work with restrictions. After months of litigation, BGL settled his claim for $65,799.
Shoulder Injury - $122,000
May 16, 2012 - Client needed a second shoulder surgery which was being denied by the insurance carrier. Surgery was approved and medical treatment was awarded. Client was able to receive all the treatment recommended by his doctor The case was settled after client was discharged by his doctor for $122,000.00.
Leg Injury
Petitioner injured his right leg at work. Employer did not dispute that injury occurred and agreed to pay for initial surgery to that leg, but they later disputed the additional surgeries needed when the leg did not heal properly and the surgery needed on the opposite leg due to the compensatory gait that developed. After trial, the petitioner was awarded authority to proceed with both surgeries and was awarded Temporary Total Disability ("TTD") in arrears.
Back Injury
In a back injury case, the Employer not only disputed that any injury occurred, but also fired petitioner within days of injury occurring. Employer denied the claim and Petitioner was unable to pursue recommended treatment because she lost her benefits when she was fired. After trial, the arbitrator found that injury was work-related and ordered Employer to pay all back TTD from when she was unable to work to date of trial. Further, Employer was ordered to pay all reasonable and necessary and medical bills including prospective treatment of Petitioner's lower back.
Carpal Tunnel Injury
Employer disputed a carpel tunnel injury arising from petitioner's duties as a janitor and refused to pay Petitioner any form of compensation or reimbursement. The matter was taken to trial and, after the treating doctor and Independent Medical Exam ("IME") doctor were deposed, the Arbitrator decided for Petitioner, ordering Employer to pay all back TTD, and pay for any surgery required and reimbursement of all medical bills related to the treatment and future surgery.
Rotator Cuff Injury
Plaintiff suffered rotator cuff tear during the course of her employment at a day care center. Even though the Employer denied relief throughout the proceedings, immediately after testimony was taken during trial and before filing of briefs, the respondent agreed to pay for surgery and all related medical bills and TTD.
Rotator Cuff Injury
Plaintiff was injured at his job delivering mattresses. While the initial surgery on his rotator cuff was not disputed, the Employer disputed the need for a second surgery as recommended by the treating doctor. The arbitrator, after trial, ruled in favor of Petitioner, finding the second surgery was causally related and approved the need for the additional treatment and any medical bills reasonable and necessary for said surgery.
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