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Motor Vehicle Collision - $118,000.00
September 2019 – Settlement of $118,000.00 – Kelly Lancaster negotiated settlement for client who sustained neck and shoulder injuries as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Defendant disputed causation and claimed injuries were pre-existing.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $300,000
April 2019 - Underinsured motorist claim settlement of $300,000.00 reached prior to arbitration for client who sustained a neck herniation and underwent a fusion. The insurance company disputed causation, nature and extent of her injury. This settlement was in addition to the $100,000 policy limits paid by the at-fault driver.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $100,000
August 2018 - Attorney Kelly L. Lancaster was able to obtain a policy limit settlement of $100,000.00 pre-suit for personal injury client who sustained a rotator-cuff tear as result of a motor vehicle collision. Botto Gilbert Lancaster, P.C. was able to significantly reduce the subrogation of the health insurance company to maximize the client’s recovery.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $160,000
August 2018 - Attorneys Francisco J. Botto and Kelly L. Lancaster obtained a $160,000.00 settlement for a personal injury client who sustained a rotator-cuff tear as a result of a rear-end motor vehicle collision. Defendant admitted fault, but disputed causation and amount of medical bills being reasonable and customary..
Dog Bite Injury - $100,000
June 2017 - Settlement reached by attorney Kelly Lancaster for a 7 year old girl who was bitten by a dog while playing at her aunt’s house.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $100,000
April 2017 - Client was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle when he lost control due to weather conditions, crossed the center line and was struck by on-coming traffic. She sustained a wrist injury including a TFCC, which was surgically repaired. Only a year after the accident, attorney Kelly L. Lancaster successfully negotiated a settlement of the full policy limits of $100,000.00.
Crosswalk Accident - $110,000
April 2017 - Successfully negotiated settlement of $110,000 for 18 year old struck by a vehicle while he was crossing the street in McHenry, carrying his skateboard. BGL attorneys, Francisco J. Botto and Kelly L. Lancaster, were able to negotiate his claim and bring the case to resolution with all funds distributed in less than a year from the incident. The young man sustained a fractured leg that healed without permanent restrictions.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $20,000
June 2016 - Client was rear-ended sustaining a large lumbar herniation that required surgery. Despite the insurance company arguing no causal connection due to the minimal property damage and two week gap before seeking treatment, BGL Partner Kelly Lancaster was able to negotiate a settlement of $200,000.00 with the underinsured carrier and the full $20,000.00 policy limits from the liability carrier.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $465,000
April 20, 2012 - Settlement of $465,000.00 reached when defendant failed to stop for non-moving traffic and rearended the vehicle in front of him, which was then pushed into a client's vehicle. After conservative medical treatment failed, client underwent cervical and lumbar surgeries for herniated discs in his neck and back. Following the surgeries, client was able to return to work full-time as a mechanical engineer.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $800,000
March 19, 2012 - Rear end collision resulting in bilateral knee and shoulder surgeries settled for $800,000.00 by BGSL Partner, Theodore A. Gilbert.
Slip and Fall - $240,000
In a difficult slip and fall case BGSA attorneys were able to successfully argue at binding arbitration that the client's fall and torn rotator cuff was caused by the landlord's failure to keep the stairs free of debris, resulting in an award of over $240,000, even after taking into consideration comparative fault of our client.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $95,000
BGSA attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement for $95,000 of the $100,000 insurance policy prior to the filing of a lawsuit for a client who sustained a lumbar herniation in a motor vehicle collision, despite the insurance company maintaining that the collision was a low-impact collision.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $20,000
After receiving a low offer from the insurance company, BGSA filed a lawsuit and was able to secure a $20,000 settlement (almost double the pre-suit offer) for a client following arbitration. This was despite the defendant arguing that the client contributed to the accident and that she only had soft tissue injuries with chiropractic care.
Slip and Fall - $100,000
Received the full $100,000 policy limits for a client following a binding arbitration in a case where the insurance company argued that our client slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot rather than being struck by their insured's car as she walked across the parking lot.
Playground Injury - $35,000
Settlement of over $35,000 secured for a minor when he broke his arm after falling from the top of a playground slide. Settlement was reached prior to depositions having been taken and despite the defendants claim that the slide met all safety standards.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $285,000
Settlement was reached for $285,000 of the $300,000 insurance policy for a client involved in a motor vehicle collision where the defendant also brought a counter-claim against her for injuries he sustained from the collision and there was a dispute as to which driver was at-fault for the collision.
Herniated Disc - $225,000
Negotiated a $225,000 settlement for a client early in the litigation process even though defendant claiming that the client's herniated disc was not a result of the collision.
Past Medical Condition - $42,000
Despite the defendant hiring a medical expert to dispute our client's injury, since no policy were called to the scene and no emergency room treatment sought, client was awarded over $42,000 following a binding arbitration for her cervical strain and aggravation of degenerative disc disease.
Dog Bite Injury - $21,000
Prior to filing a lawsuit a $21,000 settlement, which included a waiver of the workers compensation lien was secured for a client who was bit by a dog on her calf. The settlement included treatment she received five months following the incident for nerve problems, which the insurance company argued was not related.
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