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Felony Theft
A BGL attorney, had a bench trial on a felony case, theft by deception, which resulted in a verdict of not guilty.
No Valid Driver's License
A BGL attorney, had a motion to suppress on a No Valid Driver's License case granted when the judge did not find the officer's testimony credible that he could “hear" how fast the car he was following was going.
Unlawful Use of a Weapon
A BGL attorney, had a motion to suppress granted on an Unlawful Use of a Weapon case when the client was believed by the court that he had committed no traffic offense to cause him to be stopped.
Retail Theft
A BGL attorney, had a client get his retail theft case dismissed after negotiations with the state and community service was performed by the client.
Drug Charges
In a case where the defendant was facing up to three years in the Department of Corrections, a BGL attorney prevailed on a motion to suppress evidence, where the judge ruled that the search subsequent to the stop was illegal. As a result the drugs and drug paraphernalia uncovered on the defendant were suppressed.
Driving While License Suspended
In a driving while license suspended case where the mandatory minimum jail sentence was 30 days, Attorney Carolina Schottland prevailed at a motion to suppress arguing that the mere fact that the officer checked a plate where the information returned "no record on file" was not sufficient reason to pull over the defendant. The charges were dismissed against the defendant.
Aggravated Battery
A BGL Attorney conducted a week-long trial where defendant, an 18 year old, was charged with mob action and aggravated battery for a fight that occurred in a public park. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty to all charges.
Traffic Violation
At a motion to suppress arrest hearing, a BGL Attorney argued successfully that when the officer made a traffic stop because he had information that the female owner was suspended, the detention became illegal because the officer almost immediately realized that the driver was male and could not have been the owner.
Criminal Offense
A BGL Attorney proved successful on a motion to suppress statements of defendant when the police sought to question to the defendant in his homes as to his prior activities. The judge determined that the defendant was in custody and that since the officers did not give the defendant his Miranda warnings, any statements made by him were to be suppressed.
Underage Drinking
During an ordinance violation trial at city hall, A BGL Attorney fought to convince the judge that there was not enough evidence to find the defendant guilty of consumption of alcohol by a minor despite there being empty alcohol containers by defendant's feet.
Revoked Driver's License
Defendant stopped in parking lot after park is closed and officer check the defendant's license, confirms it was valid and orders defendant to go home. Subsequently, the officer discovers that the defendant was previously issued a driver's license that had been revoked under a different variation of his name. A BGL attorney successfully establishes at trial that the defendant did was not guilty of the offense of driving while license revoked because he had not purposefully defrauded the Secretary of State and they had issued him a license which was valid at the time of the incident. The judge found the defendant not guilty of the charge of Driving while License Revoked.
Juvenile Mob Action
Juvenile offender and his cousin charged with mob action committing an offense of force and violence against another juvenile. At trial, a BGL attorney elicits testimony confirming that there was no crime of force or violence had occurred despite prior statements by the alleged victims indicating that there had been violent contact. The Attorney prevailed on their motion for directed finding and the matter was dismissed.
Felony Offenses
A BGL attorney filed a motion to suppress on a case where defendant was arrested after collected a large sum of money from the bank upon maturation of his CD. Police acted on a confidential and defendant was placed in custody after leaving the bank. After his arrest a search warrant was issued and items were seized from his home, including an identification that was allegedly fraudulent. Defendant was never charged with any offenses related to the money at the bank. Attorney successfully argued that there was no probable cause to believe he had committed a crime based on his actions at the bank and therefore the the arrest and the subsequent discovery of the identification were improper. The judge ruled in defenses favor and the felony offenses were dismissed.
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Defendant was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after his car left the roadway in inclement whether. A BGL attorney won the trial on directed verdict arguing that there was no obligation of the defendant to have stayed at the scene or notified the police since there was no damage to the vehicle or other property.
Driving While License Suspended
In the course of representing a defendant for a charge of Driving while license suspended, Attorney Carolina Schottland realized that the suspension was based on an insurance violation from the prior year to which the defendant had already plead guilty and had actually already paid. Attorney Schottland successfully filed the motion to vacate the sentence, convincing the prosecutor that the defendant should never have been charged with the offense because the plates were registered out of state. The prosecutor then dismissed the offense and the defendant received a refund of more that $1000 from the court and the suspension was lifted.
Defendant revoked for a 1994 DUI for which he had never appeared in court. Attorney Carolina Schottland successfully worked with prosecutor to allow defendant to plea to DUI in 2010 and to receive court supervision for the offense. The revocation was removed from his record.
In a case where the defendant was facing a three year statutory summary suspension, a BGL attorney won the petition to rescind statutory summary suspension and was subsequently successful in getting the Driving under the Influence charge dismissed.
Assault/Immigration Charges
Attorney Carolina Schottland won a not guilty verdict in a case where the complaining witness testified to being slapped multiple times, slammed against some shelving, and pushed to the ground. Defendant faced not only possible criminal penalties but also immigration consequences since he was a Legal Permanent Resident up for renewal in 2011.
Obstructed License Plate
In a case where the defendant faced up to six months in jail, a BGL attorney successfully argued to suppress the traffic stop, which was based on an allegedly obstructed license plate. All charges were dismissed.
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