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Felony Theft
A BGL attorney, had a bench trial on a felony case, theft by deception, which resulted in a verdict of not guilty.
No Valid Driver's License
A BGL attorney, had a motion to suppress on a No Valid Driver's License case granted when the judge did not find the officer's testimony credible that he could “hear" how fast the car he was following was going.
Unlawful Use of a Weapon
A BGL attorney, had a motion to suppress granted on an Unlawful Use of a Weapon case when the client was believed by the court that he had committed no traffic offense to cause him to be stopped.

Motor Vehicle Collision - $100,000
August 2018 - Attorney Kelly L. Lancaster was able to obtain a policy limit settlement of $100,000.00 pre-suit for personal injury client who sustained a rotator-cuff tear as result of a motor vehicle collision. Botto Gilbert Lancaster, P.C. was able to significantly reduce the subrogation of the health insurance company to maximize the client’s recovery.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $160,000
August 2018 - Attorneys Francisco J. Botto and Kelly L. Lancaster obtained a $160,000.00 settlement for a personal injury client who sustained a rotator-cuff tear as a result of a rear-end motor vehicle collision. Defendant admitted fault, but disputed causation and amount of medical bills being reasonable and customary..
Dog Bite Injury - $100,000
June 2017 - Settlement reached by attorney Kelly Lancaster for a 7 year old girl who was bitten by a dog while playing at her aunt’s house.
Motor Vehicle Collision - $100,000
April 2017 - Client was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle when he lost control due to weather conditions, crossed the center line and was struck by on-coming traffic. She sustained a wrist injury including a TFCC, which was surgically repaired. Only a year after the accident, attorney Kelly L. Lancaster successfully negotiated a settlement of the full policy limits of $100,000.00.
Crosswalk Accident - $110,000
April 2017 - Successfully negotiated settlement of $110,000 for 18 year old struck by a vehicle while he was crossing the street in McHenry, carrying his skateboard. BGL attorneys, Francisco J. Botto and Kelly L. Lancaster, were able to negotiate his claim and bring the case to resolution with all funds distributed in less than a year from the incident. The young man sustained a fractured leg that healed without permanent restrictions.

Elbow, Wrist, and Shoulder Injury - $103,000
September 2017, $103,000.00 - Client injured his elbow, wrist, and shoulder at work. Surgery was performed but shoulder claim was denied by the insurance company. The settlement included payment of disputed medical bills and temporary total disability payments in arrears. The petitioner was awarded compensation for the loss of use of 75% of their right hand.
Slip and Fall Injury - $150,000
January 2017, $150,000.00 - Petitioner was working in a restaurant and while carrying a heavy container he slipped and fell injuring the spinal cord. Petitioner underwent two surgeries, years of physical therapy and pain management. Petitioner was unable to participate in a vocational rehabilitation program but was able to secure employment on his own within the recommended restrictions. We were able to secure the petitioner the best settlement agreement and security for his future medical needs.
Slip and Fall Injury - $120,000
January 2017, $120,000.00 - Petitioner was an engineer working for the City of Naperville and while at work he was walking and slipped and fell. He suffered multiple fractures of both arms and had to undergo 2 surgeries and months of physical therapy before he was able to recover and return back to work without restrictions.
Slip and Fall Injury - Highly Disputed
2017 - Petitioner slipped and fell at work with no witnesses. He suffered a fractured leg and hip and a subsequent infection that resulted in three separate surgeries. The workers' compensation carrier denied TTD and payment of medical bills. The employer claimed that the worker fell because his “leg gave out” as a result of a previous hip surgery. Mr. Botto successfully tried the case, and the Arbitrator ruled that all medical bills to date must be paid and TTD must be brought current.

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