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Real Estate Attorneys For House Sales and Purchases

Whether you are the buyer or seller, the home sale process can be complicated. There are minor and significant details to negotiate. You may be discussing certain issues all the way up to the closing day. All of your effort and headaches over the weeks or months are in the hopes that closing goes smoothly and you either walk away owning a new home or are free to move on after the sale. To better navigate the issues that can arise while selling or buying a home, contact the real estate attorneys of Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC at 815-338-3838.

What a Buyer Can Expect at Closing

Closing on a new home can take a couple hours out of your day, even when it runs smoothly. Our experienced real estate attorneys can ensure you have and understand all the documentation you need prior to closing.

At closing, you will meet with your BGL attorney to review and sign the required documents. You may meet the seller, his or her real estate agent and/or attorney, the title company's representative, and the mortgage lender's representative. However, depending on the situation, not all of those parties need to be present.

During the meeting, the seller will sign documents transferring ownership of the property to you. You will sign documents receiving ownership of the property and your loan documents. You will be responsible for paying the closing costs and any escrow fees that day. It is important to have a BGL attorney by your side during this process to ensure you understand everything to your satisfaction.

What a Seller Can Expect at Closing

If you are selling your home, closing day may be just as important to you as it is to the buyer. You are letting go of a property, and you may need the proceeds to pay off your mortgage or purchase your next home.

However, you may not have to attend the closing in person. Instead, you may be able to sign the deed and transfer documents ahead of time. Otherwise, you will attend closing and sign the documents there.

Whether you need to attend the closing or not, our experienced real estate attorneys can represent you throughout the sales and closing process to ensure your rights are protected, your lender is paid, and you receive any remaining proceeds. We can also handle any problems that arise, such as last minute demands from the buyer or title issues.

Let Our Real Estate Attorneys Represent You at Closing

It takes a great deal of work to get to a successful closing. Our experienced real estate lawyers at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC can represent you through the home sale or purchasing process to increase the chances of walking away happy and with the keys to your new home or the funds to pay off your mortgage. We are also confident in handling any complications that could arise. Contact us at 815-338-3838 to learn more about the benefits of having an attorney handle your real estate transactions.

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