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WOODSTOCK – The Woodstock Police Department will target cell phone users during this month's special traffic enforcement initiative.

In an effort to reduce crashes that result from distracted drivers, Woodstock police will look for violators illegally using their cell phones and other handheld electronic communications equipment while driving, according to a release from the department.

Equally important is the continued education of the public on such laws, the release said.

For more information on the initiative, contact Sgt. Rob Pritchard at 815-338-2131 or rpritchard@woodstockil.gov

– Shawn Shinneman

McHENRY – Would you wait for hours in sub-zero temperatures for free buffalo wings?

But as temperatures plummeted below zero and wind chills reached -25, Buffalo Wild Wings Regional Manager Jim Gleich sent people away and told them not to come back until 6 a.m.

"We normally let people line up all night and kind of make a party of it," Gleich said. "But because of the weather we told everybody that they couldn't come back until 6 a.m., and now we're having them stay in their cars for safety concerns."

When cars pulled in to the restaurant, located in the Shops at Fox River, each person was handed a number in the order that they arrived. At 6:15 a.m. 26 people had already arrived and were given numbers.

LAKE IN THE HILLS – Traffic is moving normally after an earlier car fire closed the eastbound lanes of Rakow Road in Lake in the Hills.

Around 10:45 a.m. firefighters responded to a fully-engulfed vehicle on Rakow Road between McHenry Road and Pyott Road. Eastbound traffic was shut down at Pyott Road.

Crystal Lake firefighters were called to extinguish the fire.

** Available for a limited time at http://www.nwherald.com/2014/01/27/car-fire-closes-eastbound-rakow-road-in-lake-in-the-hills/ax82w9y/.

To the Editor:

We write this letter out of frustration and a sense of responsibility to let the American people know that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not winding down, as reported by the news media. This message has been repeated for months, but it would come as shocking news to the loving families of the two fallen heroes from our son's unit who were killed two weeks ago in Afghanistan, the family of another fallen hero our son knew while at basic training, and the family of another of his friends who clings to life in a hospital in Afghanistan.

The war is only winding down in the minds of the news media. The situation in that area of our world is as dangerous as ever, and possibly even more dangerous now that the Taliban fighters see our 2014 withdrawal as their last efforts to kill as many Americans as possible.

By mid-September, motorists driving through Huntley will have another road project to contend with that involves the closure of the railroad crossing at Kreutzer Road.

Meanwhile, authorities from the Illinois Department of Transportation hope to finish most of the $23.6 million lane widening project on Route 47 this year, but say additional work will need to done in the spring, no matter what.

Officials at Union Pacific Railroad will close the rough crossing on Kreutzer Road, about a mile east of Route 47, for five days while they smoothen it out.

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