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To the Editor:

We write this letter out of frustration and a sense of responsibility to let the American people know that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not winding down, as reported by the news media. This message has been repeated for months, but it would come as shocking news to the loving families of the two fallen heroes from our son's unit who were killed two weeks ago in Afghanistan, the family of another fallen hero our son knew while at basic training, and the family of another of his friends who clings to life in a hospital in Afghanistan.

The war is only winding down in the minds of the news media. The situation in that area of our world is as dangerous as ever, and possibly even more dangerous now that the Taliban fighters see our 2014 withdrawal as their last efforts to kill as many Americans as possible.

While some troops are coming home, what is not publicized is that these returning soldiers are being replaced at slightly less than a one-for-one ratio. As the parents of a soldier willing to lay down his life for our freedoms, it is agonizing to know that these brave young men and women are not honored by every American in this country every day.

Remember that this war will not be over until every member of the armed forces has come home. The Northwest Herald could do a service to those serving our country by keeping them in the forefront of people's mind and hearts until they all come home.

Danny and Donna McAnally

Crystal Lake

(Available for a limited time on the Northwest Herald website at http://www.nwherald.com/2011/08/29/wars-not-over/atrha6v/ )

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