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Construction Worker Files Injury Claim Because of Asbestos ExposureFor decades, businesses and manufacturers thought of asbestos as a highly useful material because it was flexible and resistant to fire and electricity. It was only in the latter part of the 20th century that the public became aware of the health dangers associated with the substance. People who are exposed to asbestos can breathe in the fibers, which become lodged inside their bodies and never fully go away. Though it may take decades to develop, people who were exposed to asbestos often suffer from respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. Businesses have been accused of knowing about the dangers of asbestos exposure for decades before it became public knowledge. Some workers have filed third party claims for personal injury compensation against businesses that they believe lied about the health risks involved with using asbestos.

Recent Case

In the case of Jones v. Pneumo Abex LLC and Owens, Illinois, Inc., a retired construction worker is seeking personal injury damages for his lung cancer, claiming that the two businesses conspired to suppress information about the health hazards of working with asbestos products. The defendants did not employ the plaintiff but manufactured the insulation products that the plaintiff used. The plaintiff claims that the businesses committed the conspiracy by:


Determining Injury Liability at Amusement ParksAmusement parks and carnivals can be full of excitement for attendees but also rife with dangers. Accidents that occur on the large rides can cause serious and deadly injuries. There is also a possibility of injury at smaller attractions, where attendees can slip or bump into objects. Amusement park injuries often fall under the premises liability section of personal injury law. Illinois law requires ride operators to have liability insurance in case of injuries. Identifying which party is liable for your injuries depends on the cause of the accident.

Owners and Operators

The people who own and run an amusement venue are often most directly liable for any injuries that occur on their premises. Examples of negligence include:


Zero Tolerance Causes Automatic License Suspensions for Underage DrinkersIllinois has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking, which makes the state's driving under the influence of alcohol laws particularly stringent for teens and young adults. Drivers age 21 and older commit a DUI offense when their blood alcohol concentration is at 0.08 or higher. However, drivers who are younger than 21 have committed an offense under the zero-tolerance policy when there is any trace of alcohol in their systems. Drivers who are underage may be guilty of DUI if they have a BAC of 0.08 or greater or a BAC of 0.05 with other evidence that proves impairment.

Zero Tolerance Penalties

DUI penalties for an underage drinker apply if the suspect is convicted, but zero tolerance penalties apply upon citation for having a BAC that is greater than 0.00. Penalties under the zero-tolerance policy include:


Subtle Signs That You Have Moved Forward From Your DivorceYour emotional attachments to your marriage will likely persist after you have completed your divorce. You can truly say that you have moved past your divorce when the memory of it no longer dictates your actions or weighs on your thoughts. It may take months or even years to reach this point, depending on your personality and circumstances. The paradox of getting over a divorce is that you will know that it has happened when you no longer think about it. Here are four subtle signs that you have emotionally recovered from your divorce:

  1. You Are Not Triggered By Reminders: There are some things that you naturally identify with your former spouse. It can be as random as a song, food item, outfit or conversation topic. When you experience one of these things, you are immediately reminded of your marriage. You may always associate these things with your former spouse, but you will know you have gotten over your divorce when this recognition does not lead to larger thoughts about your marriage.
  2. You No Longer Keep Track of Your Former Spouse: Immediately after your divorce, you may be curious about your former spouse’s activities. Social media has made it easier to keep track of your former spouse than ever before. You are comparing each others’ post-divorce lives in hopes that he or she does not find happiness before you. Seeing that your former spouse is dating again or having fun makes you angry and jealous, even though it has no effect on your life. When you have moved on from your divorce, information about your former spouse’s life will not phase you because you no longer compare yourself to him or her.
  3. Divorce Does Not Dominate Your Discussions: It is easy to tell that you have not moved past your divorce when you are always drawn to the subject during conversations. This is particularly noticeable when you compare a person you are dating to your former spouse. Moving on from divorce means you are judging your new relationship on its own merits. When people ask you what your marital status is, you say you are single instead of divorced.
  4. You Can Have a Civil Encounter with Each Other: You can prepare yourself for interacting with your former spouse if you know you will be seeing him or her. It is during a surprise encounter that you may become emotional. You avoid interacting with him or her because you are afraid that any conversation will quickly turn into an argument. The awkwardness will always be there, but someone who has moved past a divorce can be civil around his or her former spouse and even ignore attempts to bait him or her into an argument.

Post-Divorce Preparations

To help you move on from your divorce, you need a divorce agreement that you feel settles matters between you and your former spouse in a satisfactory manner. A McHenry County divorce attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, can help you negotiate your divorce settlement. Schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.


Doctors, Insurers Disagree on Workers' Compensation LawThe Illinois House of Representatives and Senate have passed a bill that would amend rules regarding how workers’ compensation insurers pay the healthcare providers who treat the workers’ injuries. There are three main components to the bill:

  • Insurance companies would be required to use electronic filing for workers’ compensation claims with doctors;
  • Insurance companies would need to send an explanation of benefits to doctors when the companies do not authorize medical treatment; and
  • Doctors would be allowed to file a claim in court to collect interest from insurance companies for late medical bills.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner must decide whether to sign or veto the bill, though he often sides with employers on workers’ compensation issues. Doctors claim that the current system could limit the workers’ ability to receive medical treatments, but employers and insurance companies argue that the new law would increase costs for them.

Doctors’ Argument

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