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Winter Motorcycle Safety Tips

Posted on in Car Accidents

Winter Motorcycle Safety Tips, car accident, driving saftey, personal injury, Crystal Lake motorcycle accident lawyersSome may consider motorcycling to be a warm-weather pursuit while other Illinois riders are committed to riding their motorcycles year-round. Motorcycling during any season carries certain risks and dangers, but these risks and dangers are even more pronounced during the winter months. While a motorcyclist may not be able to completely eliminate all the hazards associated with motorcycling during the winter, being proactive and taking precautionary measures can help reduce the chance of a serious motorcycle injury during this time of year:

  • Make sure your tires have sufficient tread and be aware of the tires' temperature. As a tire cools, it can also lose traction. Riding can increase the tire temperature, but slowing down can quickly cause this heat to dissipate. Consider accelerating swiftly but safely from a stop to help build up heat in your tires. Not only this but be mindful of the amount of tread remaining on your tires and replace your tires if needed. Do not attempt to ride when there is snow, water, or ice if you do not have enough tread.
  • Avoid ice and salt – and salt trucks. When snow and ice begin to accumulate on the road, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Motorcyclists should, of course, exercise extreme caution when there is ice on the roadway (especially black ice, which can appear as a “sheen” on the street). However, the salt left by salt trucks can be just as slippery for motorcycles as ice. Not only this, but these salt trucks can also cause cracks and potholes to develop in roadways, which can also be dangerous for inattentive motorcyclists.
  • Be sure to increase your visibility and the amount of space between you and other motorists. While this advice applies to all motorists on the road during winter weather, it is especially applicable to motorcyclists as it is easy for others on the roadway to fail to see motorcyclists. Wearing outer layers that are of a highly-visible color and/or have reflective material sewn onto them. Furthermore, motorcyclists should allow for plenty of space between them and other vehicles and drive defensively.

These tips will not only help you avoid a motorcycle mishap this winter, but can also help you preserve your ability to obtain full and fair compensation in the event you are injured in a motorcycle crash caused by another driver this season. Your compensation award may be reduced if a judge or jury finds that your failure to take simple and common-sense precautionary measures played a role in your injury accident.

If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle crash, be certain to contact the passionate Crystal Lake motorcycle accident lawyers at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC as soon as possible after your crash. We can determine what legal rights to compensation you may have and will help you take action against negligent motorists who caused you harm. Contact our office today and let us help you begin the recovery process.



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