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What Does Attorney-Client Privilege Mean in Illinois Divorce Cases? 

Posted on in Divorce

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_175921640.jpgWhile not everyone understands the technical aspects of the law, many people know that the relationship between a lawyer and a client is confidential. Known as attorney-client privilege, this privacy is a very important aspect of the relationship between a client and an attorney. 

However, attorney-client privilege can come across as a vague term to those who do not fully understand what it means. So, what exactly is attorney-client privilege? And how does it serve people who hire lawyers to represent them in divorce cases? 

What is Attorney-Client Privilege? 

Attorney-client privilege refers to a dynamic in which a client can trust that his or her lawyer will refrain from disclosing private information that the client shared with the lawyer. The confidential aspect of the relationship between a client and an attorney can be applied to two distinct types of information. 

For starters, when a client discloses details of the case with his or her attorney, then this type of information is referred to as privileged communications. The second circumstance to which the attorney-client privilege can be applied is known as attorney product, which refers to any documents that the lawyer has put together in preparation for representing his or her client during the divorce proceedings. 

To summarize, any communications that take place between clients and their lawyers, as well as documents that are prepared in advance of litigation, are both protected by attorney-client privilege. 

When Does Attorney-Client Privilege Go Into Effect?

If you speak to a family law attorney casually, your conversation is not necessarily automatically protected by attorney-client privilege. In order for the privilege to undoubtedly apply, the lawyer you talk to must be an attorney whom you have retained to represent you. 

In other words, there needs to be an established professional relationship between the lawyer and the client. However, many lawyers will enact confidentiality during a consultation, but to be sure that you are confiding in private, you can always clarify that you would like the conversation you have with the lawyer to remain between the two of you. 

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