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Unique Co-Parenting Strategies to Consider After Your Illinois Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

McHenry County Divorce AttorneyWhen parents get divorced in Illinois, they must decide how to share parenting duties after the split. Divorcing spouses without children can walk away from a divorce and never speak to each other again if they choose to. However, divorced parents are typically still involved in each other’s lives – even if they would rather not be. A strong co-parenting relationship can dramatically reduce the stress of divorce on children, however, productive co-parenting is difficult when parents do not see eye to eye on parenting issues. Fortunately, there are many different co-parenting strategies to choose from.  

Parallel Parenting May Be the Best Way to Reduce Conflict

Parental arguments can have a profound psychological impact on children. Studies show that parental conflict can lead to poor performance in school, behavior problems, and even physical ailments like stomachaches. However, some parents simply cannot communicate without the discussion turning into an argument. In this case, the parents may want to try parallel parenting. In a parallel parenting scenario, the parents rarely communicate with each other and do not approach parenting collaboratively. Some divorced couples find that parallel parenting helps reduce conflict and stress on them and their children.

Birdnesting May Provide Children the Stability They Need

Raising children in two different households can be confusing and frustrating. Keeping track of homework, science fair projects, sports equipment, toys, and other child-related items can drive parents crazy. Furthermore, many children struggle to adapt to a two-home living arrangement – especially if they have learning difficulties or disabilities such as autism.

“Birdnesting” refers to a situation in which the children stay in one home while the parents take turns living there. For example, the children would live in the marital home full-time, but each parent has his or her own apartment. The mother may stay with the children Monday – Friday while the father stays on the weekends. Birdnesting can provide children with a stable home and eliminates the need to transport the children between the parent’s separate homes. However, birdnesting is not financially or logistically feasible for some divorced couples.  

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