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 Types of Permanent Disability in Illinois

Posted on in Workers' Compensation

crystal lake workers compensation lawyerInjured workers in Illinois are often entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses and lost income through workers’ compensation. If you have been seriously injured at your job and your injuries have permanently prevented you from performing the work duties you performed before the injury, you may be eligible to receive permanent disability benefits. There are two different kinds of permanent disability benefits: permanent partial disability (PPD) and permanent total disability (PTD).

Permanent Partial Disability

A worker who suffered a permanent injury but is only partially impaired may still be able to earn money from their job. However, they may not be able to perform the same job functions as they could before the injury-causing incident. The workers’ compensation benefits for which they qualify will depend on the part of their body that is permanently disabled and how this impairment affects their ability to work. There are several types of partial permanent disability benefits in Illinois. If a worker’s injury allows the worker to obtain a job that pays less, their workers’ compensation benefits will be two-thirds of the difference between their previous income and their new income. If the worker’s disability payments are based on the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act schedule of injuries, the worker receives 60 percent of his or her weekly salary for a number of weeks determined by the schedule. 

Examples of PPD include:

●  Injuries to fingers/hands

●  Injuries to feet/toes

●  Amputation above the knee or elbow

●  Amputation at the hip joint

●  Disfigurement (in any location)

●  Loss of hearing

●  Carpal tunnel syndrome

Permanent Total Disability

When someone is totally disabled, they cannot work at all. To prove that they are permanently totally disabled, the individual must submit a report signed by their doctor to their employer’s insurance company. The insurer will then decide if the individual qualifies for PTD benefits. Individuals in Illinois who are eligible for PTD will receive two-thirds of their average weekly income they were making at the time that they were injured. They can receive this weekly amount for the remainder of their life. As the cost of living increases, they may also receive an annual adjustment in their income.

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