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Traffic Ticket Penalties

Posted on in Traffic Offenses

traffic ticket penalties, McHenry County Traffic Attorney, traffic offenses, traffic ticket, license suspension, increased insurance costs, driving record, traffic ticket fines, traffic convictionTraffic stops are some of the most common interactions people have with law enforcement personnel. In fact, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tens of millions of people each year receive speeding tickets. Despite the frequency of these encounters, many do not fully understand the consequences of their traffic tickets. Therefore, tickets are simply paid off and forgotten. However, fighting a ticket may actually be the better option as there are penalties for traffic tickets beyond the fines, including points being added to a person's driving record, potential license suspensions, and even increased insurance costs, though the last is not a state-imposed penalty.

The Results of a Traffic Ticket

The most obvious and common result of a traffic ticket is the fine. Fines vary depending on the offense, but they tend to appear in the range of $50 to $350. However, more serious offenses, most notably DUIs, have increased penalties. DUI penalties can start out as high as $2,500 for a first offender, and repeat offenders can see the fines climbing as high as $25,000 in some circumstances.

In addition to fines, traffic tickets also cause a person's license to accrue points. The amount of points that a license gains changes based on the offense, and it ranges between five and 55 points, depending on the seriousness of the charge. These points come into effect if a person is convicted of three traffic offenses within 12 months. After the third conviction, the court may choose to suspend a person's license. The exact period of time that the suspension lasts depends upon how many points the person built up on his or her license. However, the suspension can last as long as one year. Further, the suspension can become a revocation if a person has enough points on his or her license. Revocations of a driver's license are more difficult to undo, and they last at least one year.

Beyond these legal penalties, traffic convictions can also make driving more expensive by increasing a person's insurance. While the exact amount of the increase depends upon the type of car, the type of coverage, and the type of conviction, the increase in insurance can easily end up costing a person hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of his or her car.

How to Protect Yourself

While the simplest way a person can be protected from the consequences of traffic tickets is through legal driving, that is not always possible. Therefore, contacting an experienced McHenry County traffic attorney can help avoid a conviction and reduce or even eliminate many of the penalties associated with getting a traffic ticket. Call 800-338-3833 to schedule a consultation today.

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