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Illinois motorcycle awareness month, Crystal Lake Personal Injury Attorneys,May has been declared Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in Illinois, in order to bring needed attention to the dangers motorcyclists face on the roads. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 2015 saw an increase in motorcycle-related car accidents by about 24 percent. Overall, on average, motorcycle accidents account for about 15 percent of traffic accidents annually.

When sharing the road with motorcycles, drivers should take care to avoid serious or fatal traffic accidents with motorcyclists. Motorcycles can be difficult to see when drivers are distracted and not paying attention for them. However, there are tips and precautions that drivers can take in order to avoid accidents with motorcyclists. Drivers should remember that motorcycles may appear further away when viewed in vehicle mirrors because of the motorcycles' sizes. This may cause a driver who cannot gauge how closely a motorcycle is traveling to be involved in an accident. Drivers should find ways to better judge the distance between them and a motorcycle, for example by counting the time it takes the motorcycle to pass a standing object.

Drivers should also routinely check their blind spots before changing lanes or making other traffic maneuvers. This would also help avoid accidents with other cars in the blind spots. Relying solely on side mirrors to check the blind spots can cause a driver to fail to spot a hidden motorcyclist. If safe to do so, it is best for the driver to turn his head to check the blind spot.


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inclement weather, Illinois traffic accident lawyerWinter snow opens up a variety of fun activities, but it can also pose serious practical problems. Icy roads and blinding snow can make driving much more difficult, and seriously increase the risk of accidents. The Federal Highway Administration reports a major increase in traffic accidents every year during the winter. Despite the fact that these accidents resulted from the weather, the law still holds people responsible for them, so drivers should understand the way that the law views these accidents. Drivers should also take care to engage in safe winter weather driving practices.

Liability for Bad Weather Accidents

Many people are surprised to discover that they can be found at fault for a winter traffic accident even when they were following all of the traffic laws. The issue is that the law requires people to take reasonable care not to harm other people when they get behind the wheel. This reasonable care includes adjusting the style of driving for the weather conditions. For instance, when roads are icy, people need to take care to increase their following distance since it will take longer for them to come to a stop.


crossover accidents, defective roadway, head-on collision, McHenry County traffic accident attorney, traffic accidents, municipal liabilityIt is not surprising to hear that store owners have a duty to keep their businesses safe for patrons. If someone trips over an uneven floor or slips in a puddle of water while shopping, then the individual can likely recover from the store for the injuries suffered. A similar principle applies to states and municipalities for drivers on the road. It is a state's job to make sure the roads are properly designed and maintained, so that the roads themselves do not cause traffic accidents. A recent case, Rommel v. Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, dealt with whether this issue extended to the design and maintenance of highway medians. The court held that it did not.

Municipal Liability

Municipal liability is a legal doctrine designed to protect people who are on public land. It allows private citizens to hold the government responsible for certain injuries. One of the most common uses of the doctrine is to hold a state liable for injuries that occur on public roads because of poor design or maintenance. However, even here it is a somewhat narrow doctrine. So many crashes are caused by negligence on the part of one of the drivers, or as a result of defective cars, and courts are therefore leery when blaming an accident on the way a road was laid out or maintained. Yet, the doctrine still serves an important purpose. In a sense, it exists to keep states and municipalities honest and to ensure that they do not allow roads to become so dilapidated that they become a danger to the people who use them.


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car accidents, Crystal Lake traffic law attorney, increase speed limit, speed limit bill, traffic violation, Illinois speed limit, driver safety, traffic accidents, McHenry County Traffic AttorneyGovernor Quinn recently vetoed a Senate bill that would have allowed the Tollway Authority and the Illinois Department of Transportation to increase the speed limit in urban areas. This bill is being viewed as a companion to one that was passed in 2013, which increased the speed limits on rural highways to 70 miles per hour. This bill would have the same effect on highways passing through urban areas, like the city of Chicago.

Although the bill made it through both houses of the legislature, the Governor opted to veto it based on studies that show a correlation between increasing the speed limit and increased danger to drivers. The bill's sponsors are now working to build enough support in Springfield to override the Governor's veto, citing overwhelming public support for the bill and other competing traffic studies.

Why the Bill was Vetoed

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