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Construction Worker Files Injury Claim Because of Asbestos ExposureFor decades, businesses and manufacturers thought of asbestos as a highly useful material because it was flexible and resistant to fire and electricity. It was only in the latter part of the 20th century that the public became aware of the health dangers associated with the substance. People who are exposed to asbestos can breathe in the fibers, which become lodged inside their bodies and never fully go away. Though it may take decades to develop, people who were exposed to asbestos often suffer from respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. Businesses have been accused of knowing about the dangers of asbestos exposure for decades before it became public knowledge. Some workers have filed third party claims for personal injury compensation against businesses that they believe lied about the health risks involved with using asbestos.

Recent Case

In the case of Jones v. Pneumo Abex LLC and Owens, Illinois, Inc., a retired construction worker is seeking personal injury damages for his lung cancer, claiming that the two businesses conspired to suppress information about the health hazards of working with asbestos products. The defendants did not employ the plaintiff but manufactured the insulation products that the plaintiff used. The plaintiff claims that the businesses committed the conspiracy by:

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