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McHenry County traffic attorney, red light camera law, traffic offenses, Illinois Supreme Court, red light camerasRed light cameras are one of the most noticeable ways in which law enforcement technology affects people's lives. A charitable interpretation of the cameras is that they keep the streets safer and allow police departments to utilize officers to fight more serious crimes. However, opponents of the cameras see the hundreds of millions of dollars that the cameras have brought in, and point out that the cameras are prone to making mistakes, they circumvent ordinary due process, and are just about generating money for the municipality.

Because of these complaints, some opponents brought a lawsuit challenging the validity of Chicago's red light camera system, as well as the state law that authorizes it. The lawsuit made it all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, but then it ended with more of a whimper than a bang. The Court ended up upholding the law on procedural grounds with a three sentence opinion.

Challenges to the Law


McHenry County traffic attorney, school bus cameras, stopped school bus, traffic laws, traffic violationsEnforcing traffic laws has long been a problem for state and municipal police departments. A lack in officers on the road, compared to the number of vehicles, makes it difficult for police to keep tabs on drivers. Hence, police departments have turned to technology to assist in catching drivers who disregard the rules of the road. Red light cameras, speed cameras, and now school bus cameras are being used to capture dangerous drivers.

In fact, at the start of the school year, Palatine Elementary School District 15 initiated a pilot program to test out school bus cameras on a several routes, per the advice of the Rolling Meadows Police Department.

The Camera Program


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deer collisions, McHenry County traffic accident attorney, McHenry County Traffic Attorney, Illinois traffic accidents, deer-related traffic accidentsDeer collisions and traffic accidents involving other wild animals are a common issue in Illinois. State Farm recently released a report detailing the issue of deer collisions nationwide. Illinois is classified in the report as a medium-risk state for deer collisions, and was ranked 26th on the list overall. However, this represents a three place increase on the list, up from 29th the previous year.

The report provides a detailed breakdown of how deer accidents occur nationwide as well as the relative frequency of accidents in different states. For instance, Illinois experiences tens of thousands of deer-related traffic accidents every year. In some counties, this means that as many as 10 percent of all traffic accidents are related to animals. Additionally, the State Farm data notes that “November is the month during which deer-vehicle encounters are most likely.” In fact, over 18 percent “of all such mishaps take place during the 30 days of November.” With deer collisions occurring more frequently, it is important for drivers to be extra aware and to know how to respond if a collision occurs. Avoiding a Deer Collision When driving in the evening, remember that deer are most active been 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. If you see one deer, there is a strong chance you will see more. Deer often travel in herds. Utilize your high beams to “illuminate the areas from which deer will enter roadways.” If you encounter a deer and are unable to avoid a collision, swerving out of the way may cause more damage than the deer itself. Responding after a Deer Collision Responding to a deer collision is much like responding to an ordinary traffic accident. First, after impact, drivers should check for any injuries to those in the vehicle. If no one is injured, and pending the vehicle still works, move the vehicle to a roadside or a nearby parking lot and away from the flow of traffic. Next, contact the police to report the incident and then begin documenting evidence of the crash. Pictures of the damage and where it occurred can be very helpful when filing an insurance claim. While you are doing this, it is important to give the injured animal space. If the deer has not been killed, it can be frightened and therefore dangerous. Once the site has been documented, make sure the car is safe to drive. Deer collisions can create further safety hazards such as damaged brake lines. Finally, when you return home, contact an attorney and your insurance agent. Filing an insurance claim may be difficult and it can be helpful to have an attorney working on your side. If you have recently been involved in a traffic accident of any sort, contact an experienced McHenry County traffic accident attorney today to learn more about your rights and your options.

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traffic ticket penalties, McHenry County Traffic Attorney, traffic offenses, traffic ticket, license suspension, increased insurance costs, driving record, traffic ticket fines, traffic convictionTraffic stops are some of the most common interactions people have with law enforcement personnel. In fact, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tens of millions of people each year receive speeding tickets. Despite the frequency of these encounters, many do not fully understand the consequences of their traffic tickets. Therefore, tickets are simply paid off and forgotten. However, fighting a ticket may actually be the better option as there are penalties for traffic tickets beyond the fines, including points being added to a person's driving record, potential license suspensions, and even increased insurance costs, though the last is not a state-imposed penalty.

The Results of a Traffic Ticket

The most obvious and common result of a traffic ticket is the fine. Fines vary depending on the offense, but they tend to appear in the range of $50 to $350. However, more serious offenses, most notably DUIs, have increased penalties. DUI penalties can start out as high as $2,500 for a first offender, and repeat offenders can see the fines climbing as high as $25,000 in some circumstances.


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car accidents, Crystal Lake traffic law attorney, increase speed limit, speed limit bill, traffic violation, Illinois speed limit, driver safety, traffic accidents, McHenry County Traffic AttorneyGovernor Quinn recently vetoed a Senate bill that would have allowed the Tollway Authority and the Illinois Department of Transportation to increase the speed limit in urban areas. This bill is being viewed as a companion to one that was passed in 2013, which increased the speed limits on rural highways to 70 miles per hour. This bill would have the same effect on highways passing through urban areas, like the city of Chicago.

Although the bill made it through both houses of the legislature, the Governor opted to veto it based on studies that show a correlation between increasing the speed limit and increased danger to drivers. The bill's sponsors are now working to build enough support in Springfield to override the Governor's veto, citing overwhelming public support for the bill and other competing traffic studies.

Why the Bill was Vetoed

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