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Crystal Lake IL divorce lawyerDivorce is one of the most stressful life experiences that a person can go through. Adults have a difficult enough time coping with divorce, but children who do not fully understand the situation can have an even harder time coping with the huge changes that come with divorce. Children often feel as if their entire world is changing when their parents divorce, and they may react with mood or behavioral issues, which can be both frustrating and saddening for parents. While you cannot change the way that your child feels, you can teach them healthy ways of coping with their feelings.

How You Can Help Your Children

Children experience divorce differently than adults, and it can be difficult for them to cope with the stresses that come with it, especially if they have not yet developed any coping mechanisms of their own. Here are a few things you can do to help your child with this life change:

  • Make your conversations age-appropriate. Children understand things differently depending on their age and maturity level. Younger children will not be able to understand the complexities of the divorce, while older children may want to know specific details. You do not have to tell your children every last detail of your divorce, but you should try to give them enough information to make sense of the situation.


Crystal Lake IL divorce property division attorneyIn today’s world, it is increasingly common for couples to handle the divorce process collaboratively and amicably, without significant intervention from the court. This can work well when there are few conflicts or intractable disagreements that get in the way of negotiation, but there are other scenarios in which trying to resolve a divorce without litigation is simply too dangerous. One common example is a situation in which one spouse is not being honest with the other as their marriage is coming to an end. When many people think of deception in a marriage, they think of affairs and cheating, but there can also be a financial side of deception in the form of hidden assets.

Hidden Assets and Revenue

When a spouse attempts to hide assets before or during the divorce process, they usually do so in an effort to prevent them from being considered as part of the marital estate, and therefore subject to division in the divorce. This puts the other spouse at a major disadvantage unless they can work with an attorney to discover that the hidden assets exist and take legal action to rectify the situation.

There are several warning signs that your spouse might be hiding assets, including but not limited to:


McHenry County grandparents rights attorneyWhether you are a divorced parent with questions about your parents or in-laws and their involvement with your child, or you are a grandparent looking to ensure that your grandchildren are raised in the best possible environment, concerns about grandparent rights are understandable. Family changes often affect more than just the immediate family, and it is important for everyone to understand their rights and how they can support the children’s best interests.

What Rights am I Entitled to as a Grandparent?

Nearly 8 million children live with their grandparents throughout the United States, including more than 2.6 million children living in homes where the grandparents are the primary heads of household. Grandparents who serve as primary caregivers often have certain rights regarding the children, as well as options for financial assistance. Even if you are not the primary caregiver, you have the option to pursue certain rights as a grandparent in the wake of a divorce or separation in your family. Here are some important things to be aware of as grandparents:

1. Custody and Guardianship

There are multiple Illinois statutes that give grandparents options for custody and guardianship of their grandchildren. For example, the Illinois Probate Act gives you the option to seek guardianship, rather than custody, of your grandchild. The child’s parents must voluntarily allow this, and they remain financially responsible for the child, so you may receive child support in this case. You also have the option to request custody and authority for most decision making for the child under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, provided that the parents consent. Adoption, through which a grandparent acquires full parental rights, is an option when the parents are no longer living, or when there is cause for the termination of parental rights due to neglect, abuse, or other serious complications. 

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