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Chiropractic Care Under Illinois Workers' CompensationInjuries to the back and neck can be particularly troublesome due to the recurring or persistent pain and discomfort that comes with them. It is not uncommon for injured employees to seek additional assistance coping with this pain by consulting a chiropractor. However, some employees may be hesitant to take on such expenses if they will not be covered along with their medical expenses under workers' compensation.

A chiropractor is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats conditions arising from the neuromusculoskeletal system and focuses on treatment through manual manipulation and adjustment of the patient's spine and muscles. A chiropractor is not a medical doctor, although chiropractors are referred to as doctors of chiropractic. While some people are skeptical of chiropractic treatments, they are often favored by others because of their non-chemical and non-surgical approach to pain relief and management.

Through workers' compensation, an employer covers all of an employee's medical expenses that are deemed to be reasonable and necessary when the employee suffers a work-related injury. Under the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act, chiropractic care may be covered by workers' compensation as long as it is considered reasonable and necessary to treating an injured worker's injuries. In some cases, the employer may try to limit the number of times the employee can keep returning to a chiropractor on the grounds that the treatment is unnecessary.


vocational rehabilitation, Crystal Lake Workers' Compensation LawyerIf an employee is injured on the job, his or her ability to return often depends on the type of work that he or she performed. If the injuries are severe enough that the employee cannot return to his or her old duties, the employer may agree to allow the worker to return to a modified position. Sometimes employers may seek to transition the employee out of his or her position all together, and in these cases, the employer may be required to pay for the physical, mental, and vocational rehabilitation of the employee.

Vocational rehabilitation is a process through which the employee receives job training, which can include skills training, resume writing, or even tuition reimbursement to assist the injured employee to return to school and gain new skills to re-enter the workforce.

Employers are required to pay for any qualifying vocational rehabilitation, as well as any incidental expenses to the vocational rehabilitation. Employees do not need to apply for vocational rehabilitation, and their employers should begin the process if the employee has been out of work for over 120 continuous days or as soon as it is clear that the employee cannot return to his or her former duties.


choosing a doctor, workplace injury, Crystal Lake Workers' Compensation LawyerAfter an injury, the ability to choose a doctor of your choice is very important to some people. In workers' compensation cases, one of the fears injured workers may have is that they will be forced to see a company doctor for their care who will not only treat them in a substandard way, but will also try to minimize their injuries in order to help the employer.

Generally, an employee who is injured on the job can seek and receive medical care from any doctor of their choice and receive any treatment selected, as long as the employee is paying for the treatment. However, when the employer is to pay for the medical treatment, the employee may be restricted in the number of doctors he or she visits.

An injured employee normally has a choice of two doctors and those doctors' referral networks when seeking treatment for an injury. Due to changes in the law that were implemented five years ago, an employer may establish a Preferred Provider Program to offer injured employees a choice to be treated by employer selected doctors. An employer's Preferred Provider Program has to be approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

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