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dui, Crystal Lake Criminal Defense Lawyer, search. traffic stop, mchenry county attorney, law firmIf you get pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Crystal Lake, you will need the help of a DUI defense attorney. However, in the moment of the traffic stop, it is important to remember several things to prevent making a mistake or saying something that can be used against you later on.

Police Officers are Under a Lot of Stress

When they start making a traffic stop, police officers do not have a full understanding of what is going on. During training, police officers frequently hear harrowing statistics about fatalities during routine stops; 62 officers were killed during traffic stops between 2003 and 2012. It is important to remember that no matter how frustrated you are when you get pulled over, the police officer coming to your driver's side window does not know if you are waiting with a weapon. Making it exceptionally clear that you have no intention of hurting anyone is important. Keeping your hands on the wheel, in plain view, and not making any sudden moves can go a long way in putting the police officer at ease, which can make the whole situation much less intense.


Crystal Lake traffic defense attorney, rear-end collisions, red light cameras, traffic defense, traffic law enforcement, Illinois traffic lawFew traffic law enforcement methods have generated as much controversy in recent years as the red light camera program that started in Chicago and expanded to the rest of the state. Proponents of the program tout the increased safety benefits from fewer people running red lights, while the system's opponents say that it is nothing more than a shameless cash grab on behalf of the government. In an attempt to settle this debate, the Chicago Tribune recently commissioned a study of the red light camera's effect on traffic accidents.

The results have caused a bit of a stir, but failed to provide any clear conclusions. The Tribune reported that the cameras did more harm than good as far as accidents. However, people on the other side have also raised valid issues with the Tribune study's methods.

The Study's Results

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