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Which Times in a Marriage Is Divorce Most Likely to Occur?Divorce researchers have long sought ways to predict when marriage will end in divorce. There are too many variables to create a formula that will calculate your chances of divorce, but researchers explore many factors that correlate with increased divorce risk. One factor is whether the number of years you have been married will affect your risk of divorce. You may logically conclude that your chances of divorce will steadily decrease the longer you are married. Instead, divorce statistics show three separate periods during the length of a marriage when the risk of divorce is typically the highest.

First Two Years

The start of a marriage is understandably a time when a marriage may be vulnerable. The couple is learning what it is like to be married to each other, which is different from being in a long-term relationship:

  • Feelings of romance are joined or replaced by the serious responsibilities of being in a marriage;
  • Financial stress may test the couple’s relationship for the first time; and
  • People who are no longer courting each other may relax and show unseen sides of their personalities.

The first two years are when a couple is most likely to realize that their marriage was a mistake and cut ties before they become any more attached to each other.


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Illinois spousal maintenance guidelines, Crystal Lake divorce lawyerOn August 15th, the Governor signed into law a new set of guidelines for determining how much spousal support, also known as maintenance, spouses would owe as a result of a divorce. The guidelines seek to solve a problem that plagued the old system: spousal support obligations were often very difficult to predict going into a divorce.

The judge would have to set the support amount by examining a set of twelve factors including things like the married couple's standard of living, the duration of the marriage, and the earning capacity of each party. The new law maintains these factors as things judges should look to when determining support, but it introduced more strict mathematical guidelines to determine how much support should be paid and for how long the spouse will pay support.

Calculating Support Amount

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