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Your Medical Records After a Personal Injury Accident, personal injury, Crystal Lake personal injury lawyer, seek medical treatment, Medical Records, personal injury casesIn most situations, your medical records are personal and confidential. In other words, unless you specifically allow another person to look at your medical records, your injuries, your diagnoses, your prescriptions, and your treatment history are not disclosed to strangers. This is not the case when you claim another person's careless or reckless behavior caused you to suffer injuries: in this context, your medical records are critical – and discoverable by the other party. Not only does this mean you must be prepared to provide certain access to your records to the attorney for the other, negligent party (or the other party, if the other party is not represented), but you should also be conscious of what you say and do when seeking treatment for your injuries.

Building a Better Medical Record for Your Personal Injury Case

Your medical records can make or break your personal injury case. Thorough and complete records can be conclusive evidence of the extent of harm you suffered at the hands of another, while incomplete records can be the reason a judge or jury refuses to award you compensation. These tips will assist you in building a better medical record for your case:


personal injury judgment, Crystal Lake Personal Injury LawyerWith the New Year, most people are concerned about filing their taxes. However, for an individual who has suffered an injury and received a settlement, there may be a concern about paying a large amount in taxes based on the settlement.

Generally speaking in Illinois, money received as a result of a judgment or settlement in Illinois is not taxable as gross income. This is because these funds are considered to be received by the injured person as compensation. Therefore, sums received to pay for medical care and other associated costs which directly address the underlying loss are not taxed. However, funds awarded as a punishment to the defendant, that is, punitive damages, are taxable because they do not directly affect the injured party's loss. Another notable exception is for funds received for lost income or wages because the injured party's regular income or wages would have been taxed.

Under federal law, whether or not you pay taxes on compensation received depends on the kind of injury sustained and on what the compensation is based. Compensation that stems from physical injuries or sickness is generally not taxable depending on whether or not the taxpayer previously deducted his or her medical expenses. If a person receives compensation for emotional distress as a result of a physical injury or sickness, the funds are not considered taxable income either.


hands-free media use, llinois personal injury lawyerUsing a cellphone to talk or text while driving can be distracting and dangerous. In fact, Illinois has passed a law forbidding the use of electronic communication devices while driving. Yet, this law may be doing more harm than good—many people do not realize the dangers of driving hands-free.

A new study from the University of Utah's Psychology Department reveals that hands-free media use may not be that effective at preventing distractions. In some cases, it can even be more likely to cause a traffic accident than talking on a handheld cell phone.

The Study's Findings

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