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Crystal Lake IL divorce property division attorneyIn today’s world, it is increasingly common for couples to handle the divorce process collaboratively and amicably, without significant intervention from the court. This can work well when there are few conflicts or intractable disagreements that get in the way of negotiation, but there are other scenarios in which trying to resolve a divorce without litigation is simply too dangerous. One common example is a situation in which one spouse is not being honest with the other as their marriage is coming to an end. When many people think of deception in a marriage, they think of affairs and cheating, but there can also be a financial side of deception in the form of hidden assets.

Hidden Assets and Revenue

When a spouse attempts to hide assets before or during the divorce process, they usually do so in an effort to prevent them from being considered as part of the marital estate, and therefore subject to division in the divorce. This puts the other spouse at a major disadvantage unless they can work with an attorney to discover that the hidden assets exist and take legal action to rectify the situation.

There are several warning signs that your spouse might be hiding assets, including but not limited to:


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divorce and your credit score, Crystal Lake divorce attorneyDivorce is an intensely emotional process for many people, but that fact should not obscure its more practical dimensions. For instance, people going through divorce should take steps to ensure that their credit score does not drop as a result of the process.

Some people worry that their credit score will drop merely as a result of going through a divorce. While that is not true according to one of the major credit bureaus, divorce can still affect people's credit indirectly. This can happen in two ways. First, divorce can affect credit because it has to do with assigning debt and closing down joint credit accounts. Second, it can affect credit going forward because divorce may mean a change in people's financial situations.

Deal with Joint Accounts

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