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Crystal Lake IL personal injury lawyerThe winter holiday season, with its increased traffic, congestion, activity, and inclement weather, is a time of exposure to increased risk of personal injuries. Whether driving to visit family and friends or shopping in busy malls and stores, auto accidentsslip-and-falls, and mishaps with defective holiday gifts and other products are all possibilities. Any type of injury can upend not just holiday plans but also your employment and educational goals and responsibilities.

As the holiday season draws to a close, hopefully you and your loved ones have stayed safe. However, if you have suffered personal injuries as a result of the negligent or intentionally wrongful conduct of an individual, business, or institution, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers will advocate for your legal right to compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered.

Negligence is a Common Cause of Personal Injuries

With so many Illinois residents on the state’s roads and highways in late December, even amid the COVID-19 health crisis, there is an increased opportunity for auto accidents. The dangers are especially great under conditions like rain, fog, snow, or ice. Importantly, no matter the amount of traffic or severity of the weather, all drivers owe a duty of safe driving to one another. This duty includes driving in accordance with the rules and regulations of the road and never getting behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications.


Negligent Driving on Two-Lane Highways Can Be Deadly, car accident, two-lane highways, personal injury, Crystal Lake car crash attorney, road hazzards, law firmTake a driving trip through some of the more remote and sparsely populated portions of the country and you are bound to see roadways that reflect the fact that few people live in the vicinity – two-lane highways with small shoulders and no median. These smaller roads (as compared to multi-lane interstate highways) are less expensive to maintain, but they can also present particularly deadly hazards for motorists.

Dangers of Two-Lane Highways

Two-lane highways can be especially dangerous to motorists because they lack some of the safety devices – medians, guardrails, and large, paved shoulders – that are common features on many modern interstates. This means that vehicles on these roadways are passing one another in close proximity, and at 55 miles per hour or greater in many cases. Mistakes can be deadly, such as:

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