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Who is Responsible for Holiday Shopping Injuries?

Posted on in Personal Injury

holiday injury, product liability, personal injury, law firm, Crystal Lake Personal Injury LawyersThe holiday shopping season can be hectic – and dangerous. Each year on Black Friday, news outlets across the nation report on injuries (and, in some cases, deaths) that result from individuals attempting to get a good deal on electronics or other gifts for family members and loved ones. However, as the holiday season wears on stores put on other sales and events designed to entice would-be shoppers to part with their hard-earned money. During these busy times, serious and debilitating incidents can occur in stores that make the holidays tragic, such as:

  • Head injuries or crushing injuries sustained after being struck by falling merchandise displays;
  • Being trampled by other shoppers during Black Friday sales or other sales events;
  • Being struck by moving machinery like forklifts and employees using pallet jacks; and/or
  • Purchasing dangerous or defective products that can cause burns, shocks, cuts, and other injuries to you and/or others in the family.

Thankfully for holiday injury victims, legal principles are not suspended during the holidays. Your Illinois holiday injury may be the fault of one or more negligent actors.

The Individual May Be Responsible

If your injuries are the result of actions that were committed by a specific and identifiable individual, then that individual may be responsible (in whole or in part) for your injuries. For example, a rude shopper who pushes you to the ground and a careless employee who strikes you while operating a forklift can both be found responsible for causing your injuries. Sometimes, it can take some amount of investigation to determine the person who caused your injury. For instance, you (or your attorney) may need to investigate to determine the name of the employee who carelessly stacked the merchandise display that fell on you.

The Business May Be Responsible

Because many individuals do not have the financial resources to pay compensation to injury victims, it is often necessary for holiday injury victims in Illinois to see if the store itself might be concurrently responsible for their injuries. It is possible that the store at which you were injured is partly (or wholly) responsible for your injury, too, if:

  • The negligent individual was an employee who was engaged in his or her job duties at the time of his or her negligent actions;
  • The store's owner or supervisors failed to make regular and reasonable inspections of the store to ensure no hazards existed that might threaten customers' safety;
  • The store failed to take reasonable and appropriate safety measures to protect customers (for example, the store did not have sufficient crowd control devices and security to assist during a major holiday sale).

Contact an Illinois Premises Liability Attorney for Help

If you or a loved one find yourself injured this holiday season, contact a passionate Crystal Lake personal injury attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC immediately. Although the holiday season can be busy, it is crucial not to allow your legal rights to be put on hold. Call our office today or contact us online, and we will go to work devoting our resources and collective knowledge to investigating your injury accident and helping you obtain compensation.



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