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Receiving Workers’ Compensation When You Have Two Jobs

Posted on in Workers' Compensation

Receiving Workers’ Compensation When You Have Two JobsSome people work more than one job in order to supplement their income and pay for their living expenses. A worker may be balancing two full-time jobs, though a second part-time job is more common. Suffering an injury at one job may affect your ability to work at both jobs. Though workers’ compensation benefits are available through the job where you were hurt, you may worry about lost income from your other job. Fortunately, Illinois allows you to include wages from more than one job when filing your workers’ compensation claim.


Your average weekly wage helps determine workers’ compensation benefits such as disability payments and lump-sum settlements. A workers’ compensation insurer for one employer may contest your inclusion of income from an additional employer in your average weekly wage. However, you are entitled to compensation for lost income from all of your jobs, as long as:

  • You can prove that your other job exists;
  • The employer for where the injury occurred was aware that you had an additional job; and
  • That employer did not object to you working a second job.

Most injured workers do not have proof in writing that their employer knew about their second job. You need to remember who you told at work about your second job and what their response was. You could strengthen your claim by showing that your employer knowingly adjusted your schedule to accommodate your other job.

Disability Payments

You are eligible to receive disability benefits through workers’ compensation insurance when your injury affects your ability to work for an extended period. When you are unable to work at all, you can receive Temporary or Permanent Total Disability, which are weekly payments that are worth two-thirds of your average weekly wage. Including income from multiple jobs will increase the value of those payments, particularly if you were injured at a job that pays you less than your other job.

Not all jobs have the same physical requirements. Your disability may prevent you from working one job, but you may be capable of working your other job in a limited capacity. You cannot collect total disability benefits while working another job. In this case, you may be entitled to Temporary or Permanent Partial Disability benefits, which compensates you if your disability has diminished your wages.

Contact a Crystal Lake Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are disabled due to a workplace injury, your workers’ compensation benefits need to account for the cost of treating your injury and all of your lost income. A McHenry County workers’ compensation attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, will make sure that you receive the benefits you need. To schedule a free consultation, call 815-338-3838.



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