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Obscure Facts You May Not Know About Illinois' Workers' Compensation Act

Posted on in Workers' Compensation

While many Illinois workers are familiar with the concept of workers' compensation, the details about how the system operates are less well-known. Unfortunately, what an injured worker in Illinois does not know may cause that worker to experience delays or even denials in receiving benefits under the Illinois workers' compensation statutes. Here are three such facts that workers may wish to consider:

  • Not all workplace injuries and illnesses are covered under the Workers' Compensation Act. While many injuries and illnesses that develop on the job do result in the worker receiving benefits, in order for the worker to obtain benefits the injury and/or illness must occur during the “course of the worker's employment.” This means that, for example, a slip-and-fall injury at a restaurant you stopped at on the way home from work may not be compensable under the Act because your injuries were not sustained while you were on the job performing your job duties.
  • The benefits you obtain under the Act may be the only compensation you get. Workers' compensation benefits are often referred to as an “exclusive remedy” because these benefits often represent the only sort of compensation or benefits that the injured worker can receive against his or her employer. In other words, if the worker's employer's negligence caused the worker's injury, he or she may not recover workers' compensation benefits and then sue his or her employer for additional compensation. (Note, though, that a negligent third party may be sued even if the worker received compensation benefits under the Act if the benefits the worker received under the Act are not sufficient to fully compensate the worker.)
  • You don't have to live in Illinois to be eligible for benefits under the Act. Even workers who live out of state but come to Illinois for a project or job may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits if they are injured while on the job within the state.

In any one of these factual scenarios, it can be extremely beneficial to consult with an Illinois workers' compensation law firm to determine whether you and your employer are subject to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and, if so, what benefits may be available to you.

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