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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Posted on in Car Accidents

Illinois motorcycle awareness month, Crystal Lake Personal Injury Attorneys,May has been declared Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in Illinois, in order to bring needed attention to the dangers motorcyclists face on the roads. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 2015 saw an increase in motorcycle-related car accidents by about 24 percent. Overall, on average, motorcycle accidents account for about 15 percent of traffic accidents annually.

When sharing the road with motorcycles, drivers should take care to avoid serious or fatal traffic accidents with motorcyclists. Motorcycles can be difficult to see when drivers are distracted and not paying attention for them. However, there are tips and precautions that drivers can take in order to avoid accidents with motorcyclists. Drivers should remember that motorcycles may appear further away when viewed in vehicle mirrors because of the motorcycles' sizes. This may cause a driver who cannot gauge how closely a motorcycle is traveling to be involved in an accident. Drivers should find ways to better judge the distance between them and a motorcycle, for example by counting the time it takes the motorcycle to pass a standing object.

Drivers should also routinely check their blind spots before changing lanes or making other traffic maneuvers. This would also help avoid accidents with other cars in the blind spots. Relying solely on side mirrors to check the blind spots can cause a driver to fail to spot a hidden motorcyclist. If safe to do so, it is best for the driver to turn his head to check the blind spot.

Car drivers should also remember that motorcycles are allowed to use the roads in the same manner as cars. Therefore, drivers should not try to “share” lanes with motorcycles or pass them unsafely because it looks like there is more room. Drivers should also not assume that motorcyclists can maneuver faster to move out of their way. Running a motorcycle off the road while attempting to make such a pass can result in a fatality.

Motorcyclists also need to ensure that they are taking precautions to avoid accidents. Although there are no mandatory helmet laws in Illinois, motorcyclists should always wear helmets when riding, as well as additional protective clothing. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that the percentage of intoxicated motorcyclists who are involved in fatal crashes is greater than that of intoxicated car drivers. Therefore, motorcyclists should not ride drunk. The consequences of riding drunk can be more serious than just a DUI arrest and conviction.

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