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IL defense lawyerMany people do not realize that being arrested for driving under the influence carries an immediate administrative penalty. Even if a person is not convicted of drunk driving, he or she may still be subject to a statutory summary suspension. The suspension period is six months if the person failed a chemical blood alcohol content (BAC) test and 12 months if the person refused to take a BAC test.

Conviction for driving under the influence results in a driver's license revocation of one year for a first-time offense. If your license was suspended or revoked, you may not drive any vehicle. Doing so is a criminal offense that carries serious penalties. Fortunately, you may be eligible for a driving permit that provides full or partial driving relief.

Monitoring Device Driving Permit

Driving on a suspended license is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by jail time, community service, and steep fines. If you were arrested for alleged drunk driving and your license was suspended, do not risk further criminal charges by driving without a valid license.


Il injury lawyerAnyone who has ever suffered a back injury knows just how painful these injuries can be. When a work-related incident leads to a back injury, the worker can be left with limited capabilities. Some back injury sufferers are unable to work at all. Back pain is the leading cause of disability across the globe.

Auto accidents, strenuous activities, and repetitive stress are just some of the ways workers can suffer neck and back injuries while on the job. The results of a serious back injury can affect an individual’s life professionally, financially, physically, and psychologically.

Work Accidents and Repetitive Strain Can Lead to Back Injuries

Sometimes, a spine injury is the result of a sudden accident like falling or being involved in a car crash. Other spine injuries are the result of repetitive stress. Sitting in an ill-fitting office chair, standing all day, or carrying heavy objects can lead to repetitive stress back injuries. A serious back injury or neck injury can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life.


IL divorce lawyerDivorcing spouses may reach an out-of-court settlement regarding divorce issues like property division or the case may go to litigation. Regardless, the spouses will need to divulge detailed financial information about their income, assets, and debts. Without this information, it is impossible to make an informed decision about financial issues during divorce. Lying about financial information on a financial affidavit is against the law, but unfortunately, some spouses do it anyway.

If you are getting divorced, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of financial deception. Failing to disclose full, accurate financial information can significantly impact a divorce case.

Red Flags a Spouse is Lying About Income and Assets in a Divorce

Child support, spousal maintenance, and the division of marital assets and debts are all influenced by the spouses’ financial circumstances. Some spouses try to manipulate the outcome of their divorce by failing to disclose all forms of income, inflating debts or expenses, or hiding assets.


Il injury lawyerThe National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that a person dies in a drunk driving crash every 52 minutes on average. It is estimated that approximately one-third of car accidents involve a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most people know about the dangers of drunk driving but do not truly grasp the severity of the problem until drunk driving directly touches their own lives.

If you were seriously injured or your loved one was killed in a drunk driving accident, these numbers are no longer mere statistics. You know firsthand just how devastating a drunk driving crash can be to victims and their loved ones. This blog will explore how a civil injury claim may benefit you and your family after an injury or death caused by a drunk driver.

Personal Injury Claims for Intoxicated Driving Accident Injuries

Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ damage, and broken bones are just some of the many injuries a drunk driving accident victim may suffer in a crash. Many victims require extensive hospitalization, surgery, physical or occupational therapy, medication, and ongoing medical care after the crash. Some are temporarily or permanently unable to work due to their injuries.


IL family lawywidth=Whether it is a divorce, child custody dispute, paternity case, or another family law issue, children certainly complicate legal matters. Parents, grandparents, and other guardians want what is best for the children. When parties disagree about what is best for kids, the issue can escalate into a full-blown legal battle.

Best Interests Factors in Illinois Law

When a legal dispute involves children, the court seeks to determine the case outcome that serves the child's best interests. Of course, understanding what is in the child's best interests is not always easy. When evaluating child-related cases, the court will consider the "best interests factors" listed in Illinois law. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • The child's preferences, taking into account the child's age and ability to articulate these preferences
  • Each party's preferences regarding the outcome of the case
  • The child's needs
  • How adjusted the child is to his or her current home, school, and community
  • The mental and physical health of the parties involved in the case
  • The ability of the parents or other parties to cooperate and work together for the child's benefit
  • The parties' past involvement in the child's life
  • Prior agreements between the parties
  • The distance between the parties' residences and any challenges transporting the child between the parties' homes
  • Whether any restrictions on decision-making or parenting time are necessary due to abuse, neglect, drug or alcohol addiction, or other issues
  • The parties' ability and willingness to encourage a good relationship between the child and the other party
  • Any domestic violence or abuse directed toward the child or other family members

To fully evaluate each of these factors, the court will consider evidence and testimony from a wide variety of sources. Testimony from parents, teachers, child specialists, or child psychologists may shed light on the child's best interests. Evidence in the form of police reports, financial documents, and medical records may be considered. Often, the court will appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to gather information and provide the court with an informed, professional opinion on the case.

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