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How Workplace Injuries Can Lead to Amputation

Posted on in Workers' Compensation

How Workplace Injuries Can Lead to AmputationAccording to a 2017 survey by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, one out of every 20,000 workers suffers a workplace injury that results in or requires an amputation. However, that statistic is deceptive because it includes all workers, including those at jobs where there is virtually no chance of someone losing a body part. Manufacturing, construction, and agriculture are the industries with the highest rate of amputation injuries, which may be as high as 2.1 out of every 10,000 workers. There are several reasons why amputation injuries are more likely to occur in these industries.

What Causes Amputations?

A workplace injury may result in someone losing a body part if the part was cut off during the incident or damaged to the point that a doctor was forced to amputate it. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, amputation injuries can occur when a worker:

  • Operates a machine that is used for actions such as cutting, pressing, grinding, and crushing
  • Sets up or performs maintenance on these machines
  • Handles heavy materials that may fall on and crush a body part
  • Uses tools that are capable of cutting or otherwise severely injuring someone

How Do You Prevent Amputation Injuries?

OSHA states that amputation injuries most often occur because guards on the machinery are not being used, workers are inadequately trained to use the equipment, or proper safety procedures are not in place. To prevent these accidents, OSHA advises that employers should make sure that:

  • Their machines have barriers that protect workers from dangerous machine parts
  • The machines have sensors that will cause them to stop if a worker comes in contact with a dangerous part of the machine
  • Workers are trained on how to use the machines and to not try to bypass the safeguards

Contact a Crystal Lake, Illinois, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Though amputation injuries are rare in the workplace, they are traumatic when they do occur. You never completely recover from losing a body part, despite the advancements in prosthetics and other equipment. Depending on which body part you lose, you may have to adjust how you perform everyday tasks. Workers’ compensation in Illinois has set amounts that it will pay you if you lose a body part or lose your ability to use it. You can also receive disability benefits if you are incapable of returning to work or performing the same job.

When you need to collect workers’ compensation after your amputation, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. A McHenry County workers’ compensation lawyer at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, will help you file a claim and make sure you receive full benefits for your injury. To schedule a free consultation, call 815-338-3838.




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