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How to Prepare Your Car for Safe Winter Driving in Illinois

Posted on in Car Accidents

Crystal Lake car accident attorneyWhile temperatures were warm just last week and Illinois residents were spending recreational time outside, the reality is that winter is fast approaching. The leaves quickly changed from green to brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds, and now, most of the leaves that you can see are on the ground, far from the branches where they grew. In past years, we might have seen some substantial snowfall by this point, but most of the region has largely avoided serious dangers related to the weather so far. Winter is coming, however, and now is a good time to get your car, truck, or SUV ready for the ice and snow. By taking precautions, you can help yourself avoid winter car accidents in which you could easily be injured.

Keeping Your Car Maintained

Two of the main concerns for your vehicle in the cold are the battery and antifreeze. Your car relies on the battery to start the engine, so you need to make sure that the battery has enough of a charge to start even on the coldest winter’s day. Have your battery tested, and if it is not up to the challenge of winter, replace it now before you are left stranded.

Antifreeze is also important to ensure that ice crystals do not form in your vehicle’s radiator. If ice does form in the radiator, you could face a host of issues, including a breakdown. Be sure that your antifreeze is flushed, if needed, and maintained properly so that you can start the winter fresh.

Safety on the Roadway

There are also a number of concerns that could directly affect your ability to operate your vehicle safely in winter weather conditions. For example, you should have your heater and defroster checked to ensure that ice and frost will not compromise your ability to see through your windshield. You might also consider switching to winter wiper blades. Winter wipers have a design that is intended to limit the build-up of ice and snow, thereby improving your visibility. Lastly, be sure to have the tread depth and wear pattern on your tires checked, and consider talking to your mechanic about getting snow tires. Poor traction and worn tires are leading contributors to winter crashes caused by drivers spinning out and losing control.

Contact a McHenry County Car Crash Lawyer

No matter what precautions you take or how careful you are when you are driving in winter conditions, another person’s negligence could still lead to an injury-causing crash. If you or someone you love was hurt in a winter car accident, contact a Crystal Lake personal injury attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC today. Call 815-338-3838 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a member of our team.





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