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How to Build and Maintain an Effective Parenting Plan After a Divorce

Posted on in Family Law

Crystal Lake parenting plan attorneyA divorce will certainly shake up your home life, but this does not necessarily mean that it will continue to do so over time. With this in mind, it is important to create an agreement that is long-lasting, rather than temporary, especially in situations where children are involved. Everyone needs some sense of stability and routine in their day-to-day lives, even those who thrive under spontaneity, and psychologists believe having a stable routine offers many benefits for children. Parents should do everything possible to offer their children a stable environment when creating a parenting arrangement after their marriage ends.

Steady Routines Promote Future Success

Routine is not just about going to bed at the same time every day or eating dinner together as a family every night. The most important thing you can do for your child is to provide as much stability as possible throughout the day. Psychologists suggest that when a schedule is predictable, children can relax and trust in their environment. Even in a situation where a child visits two homes regularly, the daily routine should not change significantly. The details may be different in each parent’s home, but the routine should remain consistent in each environment. Such routines also include knowing which days and holidays a child may expect to see each parent.

How to Create a Parenting Plan That Works

One of the most important things to remember is that children need significant time with both of their parents to create a bond. Studies show that children who have equal or close to equal amounts of time with each parent go on to have more stability in their lives as adults. Therefore, it is usually in your children’s best interests to make a co-parenting arrangement that prioritizes time with both parents, and maintain it by not skipping visits or shorting the other parent of their allotted parenting time.

Other ideas that assist in creating a long-lasting plan for your children include:

  • Asking your children for input

  • Making both homes familiar and “home” for your child

  • Avoiding competition between the parents

  • Creating a plan for packing necessary items

  • Keeping a calendar in both homes to show who gets what days

  • Maintaining common rules and expectations in both homes

  • Making transition days as easy as possible

Contact a McHenry County Family Lawyer

Divorce does not only affect the spouses who are separating from each other; it has broad impacts on the children involved as well. If you would like to discuss options regarding parenting arrangements, it is important to contact an experienced Crystal Lake family law attorney to learn how we can help with a plan for your unique situation. Call 815-338-3838 for a free consultation at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC today.





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