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What to Do as a Hit and Run Victim

Posted on in Car Accidents

McHenry County personal injury attorney, hit and run victim Swift resolution of the problems surrounding a traffic accident requires the cooperation of all involved drivers. Each must pull off the road, exchange information, and coordinate payment or litigation. Of course, people in these situations are not naturally inclined to work together. The drivers are on opposing sides, and they each want the other to pay for the damage.

In order to make these opposing parties cooperate, the law imposes all sorts of duties on people—rules for how to properly function as adversaries. One of the first of these rules that people encounter is the duty to remain on the scene of an accident. Yet, people do not always follow these rules, resulting in hit and run accidents. People often wonder what their options for recovery are in these hit and run cases.

Finding the Other Driver

One of the best ways to recover for a hit and run accident is to track down the driver who left the scene. This requires getting as much information at the scene of the accident as possible.

Accidents can be chaotic, but it may be possible for drivers and passengers to notice specific elements such as the color, make, and model of a car. Witnesses who were on the scene can also be helpful. They may have been able to retain more concrete, identifying information such as a description of the driver or even a license plate number. Additionally, investigators may have the opportunity to review video evidence from traffic cameras or security cameras near the scene to attempt to track down the driver.

People involved in a hit and run should also file a police report. It is not uncommon for hit and run drivers to feel guilty about what they did after the fact and turn themselves into the police, especially in cases where the driver was operating under the influence at the time of the crash. The existence of a police report can help match a hit and run driver to an accident that they caused.

Other Options

Unfortunately, not all hit and run drivers can be tracked down. Sometimes there are no witnesses or cameras, and a driver may not turn him or herself in. However, in these cases, victims may still recover by filing a claim against their own insurance companies. Most insurance policies include coverage for collisions with another driver who does not have his or her own insurance. This coverage may also extend to collisions with drivers who fled the scene of an accident.

Contact an Attorney Today

Being the victim of a hit and run accident can be devastating, especially if it involved serious injuries, but you are not without options. If you have been involved in a hit and run, please contact a McHenry County personal injury attorney today.

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