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Help! My Ex Violated an Order of Protection in Illinois

Posted on in Family Law

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_691352821.jpgOrders of protection are legal documents that instruct one party to refrain from contacting, harassing, or abusing the other party. While the exact reason for obtaining an order of protection will differ from one circumstance to the next, many orders of protection are granted in situations where domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or various forms of harrassment are taking place. Since an order of protection is designed to keep someone safe from another person, having an ex who violates a protective order can be terrifying. 

What Happens When an Order of Protection is Violated? 

Violating an order of protection in the state of Illinois is a serious offense. In some instances of protection order violations, the person who has failed to uphold the conditions of the order of protection may be charged with a misdemeanor, which may entail serving jail time and paying a fine. From there, additional consequences may coincide with a failure to uphold the order of protection, ranging from community service requirements or therapy to probation, should the judge deem any of these necessary or appropriate. A felony charge may arise if someone chooses to violate an order of protection on more than one occasion. 

What To Do If Your Ex Violates an Order of Protection in Illinois 

If your ex-partner or spouse violates an order of protection, it is advisable to call the police immediately. By doing so, you will create a paper trail that documents the events as they unfold, which is very important. 

When you call the police, be sure to inform them of the active order of protection and notify them that your ex has violated the terms of the protective order. You may be able to file charges against your ex in response to their violation as well. Family law attorneys can assist you to figure out how to move forward on divorce, child custody, or other family law issues after your ex violates an order of protection. 

Contact a Crystal Lake, IL Family Law Attorney

An order of protection is intended to help people feel safe and out of harm's way. When an order of protection is violated, the party who fails to uphold the conditions of the order are intentionally placing the protected party in a very uncomfortable position. 

If you need to petition the court for an order of protection, do not hesitate to call a McHenry County divorce attorney as soon as possible. Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC can help.

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