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Frequency of Vehicle Crashes Reaches Peak During August

Posted on in Car Accidents

Frequency of Vehicle Crashes Reaches Peak During AugustWinter seems like the most dangerous time of the year to drive because of the potential for hazardous weather. However, more traffic crashes occur during the summer. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that August has on average the most traffic crashes and fatalities of any month. There is a combination of factors that may account for the high number of crashes in August:

  1. More Drivers on the Road: Summer is the most popular season for people to travel because of the weather and summer break for children. With people traveling more often and higher congestion on the roads, the number of traffic crashes will naturally increase as well. Winter conditions may be more dangerous, but people are likely to avoid driving during a snowstorm unless it is necessary.
  2. More Pedestrians and Small Vehicles: People take advantage of the warm weather for more than driving. People are more likely to walk or bicycle to places as a mode of travel. There are also more children playing outside and possibly near streets. A driver may not see pedestrians and small vehicles, resulting in the driver either striking the person or swerving to avoid a collision.
  3. Less Cautious Drivers: Though winter weather makes roads hazardous, it also makes drivers more alert. On a clear summer day, drivers may be less cautious because they are not worried about the weather affecting the driving conditions. This can cause drivers to make careless mistakes or become distracted. People are also more likely to drink alcohol and drive during the summer because of the numerous recreational events.
  4. New Drivers: Summer is a common time for teenagers to take their driver’s education class. By August, some of them may have already received their driver’s license and are enjoying their new freedom. However, becoming a skilled driver takes years of experience. Teenage drivers are more likely to make mistakes, especially when in situations that require quick responses.
  5. Back to School: The beginning of a new school year is a readjustment for local drivers. There are groups of children walking to and from school and school buses congesting the roads. Drivers may initially be out of the habit of watching for these obstacles, which may cause an accident.

Recovering from Injuries

Whether as a pedestrian or driver, being involved in a traffic crash can potentially result in serious injuries. A McHenry County personal injury attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, can help you receive injury compensation from the party at fault in your accident. Schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.



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