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Top Factors Contributing to Fatal Traffic Crashes

Posted on in Car Accidents

Top Factors Contributing to Fatal Traffic Crashes, fatal car crash, car accident, Crystal Lake car crash attorneys, DUI, excessive speedingEach year across Illinois and in the United States, numerous individuals lose their lives in fatal traffic crashes. While every fatality crash is different, there are factors that are common to many of them. Sadly, many of these factors are well within the control of one of the involved drivers. This means not only is one driver usually held responsible for the expenses and costs of the surviving family members of the deceased driver but also that these types of crashes are entirely preventable.

Top Causes of Fatality Crashes

Some of the more common features or circumstances that lead to fatal crashes in McHenry County include:

  • Speed: Speed plays a significant role in motor vehicle fatality crashes. The faster someone is driving, the more power that can be transferred to another vehicle when the speeding vehicle crashes into another motorist. This increases the likelihood of occupants involved in the crash sustaining life-threatening or fatal injuries.  What is more, speeding reduces the driver's ability to control his or her car or make sudden movements to avoid a collision.
  • Distractions: Distractions – specifically cell phones and other electronic devices – take a driver's hands and/or attention from driving. This decreases the ability of the driver to timely react and avoid a collision with another vehicle, a pedestrian, or a stationary obstacle. Even if there is no other hazard nearby, a driver who is distracted will have difficulty maintaining a single lane of travel and safely controlling the speed of the vehicle, thereby increasing the likelihood of a single-vehicle crash.
  • Failure to Yield/Failure to Adhere to Traffic Laws: Whether a driver disregards traffic control signs, signals, and/or laws because he or she is in a hurry or because he or she is not devoting enough attention to driving, the results can be the same – a rear-end, head-on, or “T-type” collision that can easily be fatal (or, at least, serious, debilitating injuries).
  • Drinking/Taking Drugs: Consuming alcohol and/or drugs (whether legal or otherwise) can dull a driver's senses, making it less likely that the driver can act to avoid a collision. In some cases, alcohol and/or drug use before driving can result in the driver not even being able to see the other vehicle or pedestrian before the moment of impact, meaning that any collision will occur at full speed (and, therefore, result in more serious – if not fatal – injuries.

Why Call a Crystal Lake Car Wreck Attorney After a Crash

Determining what caused your loved one's fatal McHenry County car wreck is essential to determining whether you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver for your loved one's expenses. The passionate Crystal Lake car crash attorneys of Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC are here to assist you in this important and intensive task. Our Illinois car crash legal team will analyze the circumstances of your case and assist you in holding those responsible for your loved one's fatal car wreck. Contact our office today to learn more about how Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC can help you during this difficult time.



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