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How to Avoid a Car Accident During the Fall Season

Posted on in Car Accidents

How to Avoid a Car Accident During the Fall SeasonCar accidents happen throughout the year, in all seasons and at all different times of the day. However, each season presents new sources of danger that can cause a serious accident. Knowing what these risks are and how to avoid them is crucial for driving safely. The following includes a list of certain things that you should keep in mind and look out for while driving, especially if you want to avoid a car accident in the autumn season.

Light Changes

As the seasons wear on, the sun sinks lower in the southern sky, changing how the light reaches the ground. Streets that were shady during the summer might be in the piercing sunlight as the seasons change and the sun changes its arc. This becomes especially dangerous in the early morning and late afternoon, as the sun is low on the horizon. This can surprise unwary drivers, as the sun seems to sit right on the roadway, making it difficult to see ahead.

Wet Leaves

Wet leaves are some of the most slippery substances on roads during the autumn months, challenging even ice for their slickness. When you drive over wet leaves, the weight of your vehicle does not compact leaves to gather enough traction. Instead, the top layer of the leaves clings to the rubber of your tires, and slides over the lower layers as the momentum of your car pulls them along. Braking or turning the wheel has almost no effect because your tires are coated by the leaves.

Distracted Driving

The foliage that the fall season is known for can also pose a danger to drivers, as well. Drivers become distracted by the colorful leaves and the gorgeous views and often drive hours from home to get even better sights. Unfortunately, this leads to drivers who are not paying attention to the road, driving in unfamiliar territory. Even if you are paying close attention to the road, assuming that everyone else is doing the same could result in an accident.


The brisk temperatures that come with the fall season often bring fog early in the mornings. This can impact your morning commute, especially if you regularly drive through hilly areas or roads that run along lakes or rivers. One common mistake that drivers make when driving through fog is thinking that using high beams could make it easier to see. However, they only bounce off the fog, creating glare that can make it even more difficult to drive through.

Crystal Lake Car Accident Attorneys

Understanding all of these dangers does not guarantee that you will safe from a serious car accident that someone else causes. If this happens, you need legal representation to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Contact the passionate Crystal Lake personal injury attorneys at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC for skilled legal representation in your case.



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