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Divorced Parents Must Coordinate Vacation Plans

Posted on in Family Law

Divorced Parents Must Coordinate Vacation PlansWhether it is for spring break or over the summer, many parents are already making vacation plans. Children of a recent divorce can benefit from a fun trip because it is a chance to create happy family memories. However, there are different factors to consider when planning a vacation as a single parent than when you were married. You need to work out these complications well in advance so that nothing gets in the way of giving your children the vacation that you promised.

Parenting Schedule

Trying to fit your vacation within your normal parenting schedule could limit where you can go and how long the trip can last. Divorced parents commonly create separate vacation parenting schedules. You can do this by:

  • Scheduling designated vacation time for each parent when creating your parenting agreement during your divorce;
  • Modifying your parenting schedule to create vacation times; or
  • Entering a written agreement to deviate from your parenting schedule in order to allow a longer stay with one parent.

Your co-parent will likely expect to receive additional parenting time at another date to make up for his or her loss of parenting time during your vacation. You should not enter an informal agreement to modify your parenting time. You need documentation to prove your agreement if your co-parent later accuses you of denying his or her time with the children.

Parental Permission

Your parenting agreement can state whether you need permission from your co-parent if you plan to take your children out of state during your vacation. Most parents want to know where their children are if they are out of town for an extended period. Your co-parent can try to prevent you from taking your children to a place that he or she believes is unsafe if your agreement requires his or her consent. In most cases, you will need your co-parent’s permission to take your children out of the country. There is a potential concern about child abduction because a parent could decide to remain in another country with the children, hoping to avoid a parenting agreement that is based in the U.S.

Contact a McHenry County Family Law Attorney

You should discuss your vacation plans with your co-parent well before your trip. A Crystal Lake, Illinois, family law attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, can help you negotiate a modification of your parenting schedule to allow for the vacation. Schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.



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