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Client Efforts Can Help Save Money on Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

Client Efforts Can Help Save Money on DivorceLegal fees can accumulate when you are going through your divorce. For each meeting you hold and legal action you request, your divorce attorney will add work hours to your bill. Attorneys are a necessary expense during a divorce because their legal knowledge is irreplaceable. Trying to handle your divorce on your own could be more expensive because of the hours you would need to devote to it and the risk of making mistakes. Still, some clients incur unnecessary legal expenses during their divorces. There are ways to save money on your divorce while still having high-quality legal representation.

Be Prepared

There are certain financial details that any divorce attorney will need to know before you start negotiations. When you do not provide the information yourself, your attorney will spend many billable hours researching that information. You can save your attorney time and yourself money by coming to your initial divorce meeting with:

  • Current statements for your financial accounts;
  • A list of key marital properties;
  • A list of business interests held by yourself or your spouse; and
  • Details on any unique financial circumstances that may affect your negotiations.

It is also important to mentally prepare for your first meeting with your divorce attorney. Come with a list of questions for your attorney, and be ready to answer your attorney’s questions about what you want from your divorce settlement. Scheduling a follow-up meeting because you were not prepared for your first meeting will cost you more money.

Be Reasonable

High-conflict divorces are more expensive than amicable divorces because they take longer. Your attitude towards your spouse and the divorce negotiations can help make the process faster and more efficient:

  • Encourage an open exchange of information so that your attorney will not need to use formal discovery to obtain documents from your spouse;
  • Save your arguments for the properties and issues that are more important to you and come to a quick solution on the others; and
  • Try to remain calm and unemotional during negotiations to avoid arguments that will sidetrack you from your objectives.

Your spouse’s behavior is the unknown variable entering the negotiations. Even if you believe he or she will likely be difficult to negotiate with, you should start with the hope of having amicable negotiations. Do not be the one to initiate hostilities, and try to defuse them when they do occur without compromising your goals.

Wise Investment

The money you spend on legal fees during your divorce can pay off if you receive a favorable divorce settlement. A McHenry County divorce attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, can help you negotiate a divorce agreement that gives you financial stability for years to come. Schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.



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