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Cities Move to Ban Sledding out of Injury Concerns

Posted on in Personal Injury

ban sledding, McHenry County personal injury lawyer, sledding accident, sledding safety, sledding safety tipsWith the year's first snowstorm on the ground, many children are going to be expectantly heading out to their local sledding hill; however, they may run into a problem. Cities across the country are banning sledding out of fear of being held liable for injuries that happen every year. Cities have a responsibility to protect their citizens and ensure people's safety on public land, so it is important for people injured in a sledding accident to understand their options. It is also important for people who go out sledding to understand ways to do it more safely to have an enjoyable winter.

Sledding Ban Trends

More and more cities are realizing that sledding is a surprisingly dangerous activity. Some reports suggest that over 20,000 children end up in emergency rooms every year as a result of sledding accidents. Cities are starting to take notice that they have to do something to keep kids safe, especially after multiple cities have been forced to pay multi-million dollar awards to the families of children that they did not adequately protect.

The response of cities has been quite varied, and it is important for families to know which way their city has gone. Some cities have opted for a fairly restrained tactic of posting “sled at your own risk” signs around sledding hills in an effort to disclaim liability, though the efficacy of that tactic is unclear. Others are posting protective padding on trees or other hazards in an attempt to help keep people safe, while still letting them have their fun. Other cities are instituting an all out ban in order to keep kids from hurting themselves. One city went even further than that. Paxton, a small city in central Illinois, chose to demolish its sledding hill rather than risk children's being injured by an accident on it.

Sledding Safety Tips

People going sledding should also be proactive about their own children's safety, and take certain precautions. One of the biggest ways to stay safe while sledding is to choose the right hill for it. Hills that are overly steep or too icy can lead to sleds that go too fast or end up going out of control. Similarly, hills with obstacles or those that have roads or water at the bottom can lead to serious crashes.

Sledding position can also make a big difference in an injury's seriousness. The most serious sledding injuries are head and neck injuries, so going down the hill feet first can decrease the likelihood of those types of injuries. Additionally, going feet first makes it easier to steer and stop the sled.

Even with these safety tips, sledding accidents still can happen. If your child has suffered an injury while out sledding, contact a McHenry County personal injury lawyer today to discuss your case and your options.

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