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crystal lake divorce attorneyA divorce is already a difficult ordeal. If you are suspicious that your spouse may be hiding assets, it can make the process even more stressful. Although hiding assets is unethical and illegal, it occurs more frequently than you may like to think. Some spouses may attempt to conceal certain assets to reduce how much they have to pay or to spite their partner. In this situation, it is critical to speak to a skilled divorce attorney promptly.

Different Ways Spouses Can Hide Assets

Spouses who want to get out of paying their fair share in a divorce may use a variety of tactics to hide their assets, such as:

  • Establish fake debt - In an effort to hide assets, some spouses may work with family members or friends to create fake debt. The spouse will then make payments to them because they know that they will get their money back once the divorce is over.


Crystal Lake IL divorce lawyerDivorce is one of the most stressful life experiences that a person can go through. Adults have a difficult enough time coping with divorce, but children who do not fully understand the situation can have an even harder time coping with the huge changes that come with divorce. Children often feel as if their entire world is changing when their parents divorce, and they may react with mood or behavioral issues, which can be both frustrating and saddening for parents. While you cannot change the way that your child feels, you can teach them healthy ways of coping with their feelings.

How You Can Help Your Children

Children experience divorce differently than adults, and it can be difficult for them to cope with the stresses that come with it, especially if they have not yet developed any coping mechanisms of their own. Here are a few things you can do to help your child with this life change:

  • Make your conversations age-appropriate. Children understand things differently depending on their age and maturity level. Younger children will not be able to understand the complexities of the divorce, while older children may want to know specific details. You do not have to tell your children every last detail of your divorce, but you should try to give them enough information to make sense of the situation.


Crystal Lake IL divorce attorneyWe cannot control the timing of many events in our lives. However, when it comes to divorce, it is wise to do it at the right time for you and your family. It is also important to plan for your children’s needs when getting a divorce. While you might not be able to control when your spouse asks for a divorce, if you work together and put your children’s best interests first, it is possible to make it official at the right time, depending on the circumstances.

High-Conflict vs. Low Conflict Divorces in Illinois

If there are constant fights with yelling or screaming, or violence in the home, it is probably best to complete your divorce sooner rather than later. Violence and spousal abuse will have a greater negative effect on your child than a divorce, regardless of their age. On the other hand, if you are in a low-conflict marriage but have irreconcilable differences, you may choose to wait to complete your divorce. 

However, this does not necessarily mean you should stay in a rocky marriage for the sake of your children. This often does more harm than good. In the end, it is healthier for children to have divorced parents than to live in a high-conflict household. Choosing to end your marriage can also be beneficial for your children as they form their own personal relationships down the line. Children in high-conflict households with parents who did not get a divorce are actually more likely to get divorced as adults. 


Crystal Lake IL divorce lawyerEach year, when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, people around the world celebrate the ending of the year and welcome in the new year. One of the most popular traditions that is observed for New Year’s is making resolutions to improve yourself and your life. For some people, this may mean quitting smoking or eating healthier and exercising more. If you are going through or have recently finalized your divorce, there is no better way to start your new year than by making it a priority to be happier and healthier than ever before. 

With just a few weeks left in 2020, it is not too early to start thinking about how to make 2021 better for yourself and your children. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that you can commit to in the wake of your Illinois divorce.

Resolution #1: Pick Your Battles

Fighting with your ex is exhausting. For many couples, divorce means constant arguments and opposition about nearly every aspect of the life they once shared. The divorce is probably not even the beginning of the fighting. You have most likely been arguing with your spouse about trivial things—and non-trivial things—for years. In the coming year, try to be more selective about your battles with your ex. If you feel an argument about to erupt, try to determine whether or not the fight is worth it. Chances are that things will be easier and you will be happier if you just refuse to fight.


Crystal Lake IL divorce attorneyStudies tell us that divorce is one of the most difficult life events for children and adults alike. Even under the very best of circumstances, research shows it takes a significant emotional toll on everyone involved, often leading to long-term psychological effects that require a healthy support system in order to successfully cope.

Among the countless stressors that often arise throughout the course of a divorce, experts tell us there are certain aspects of the experience that have a particularly strong impact. Children can be especially susceptible, as they experience many of the same painful challenges adults do, often with heightened emotional responses. 

Here are some of the biggest stressors of divorce and the struggles they present for children and their parents: 

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