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Distracted Driving Extends Beyond CellphonesDiscussions on distracted driving often focus on drivers using cellphones. Illinois is one of several states to criminalize talking or texting on a handheld electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. However, cellphones are not the only culprits in distracted driving. People regularly perform actions while driving that are legal but qualify as distracting. Any activity that momentarily shifts a person’s attention away from driving can cause a vehicle accident with personal injuries.

Physical Distractions

The obvious danger of using a cellphone while driving is that it takes a driver’s hands off the wheel and eyes off the road. In the moment that someone’s attention is drawn to his or her phone, an unexpected obstacle may appear in front of him or her. By the time the driver sees the danger, it may be too late to react and avoid an accident. There are other activities that demand the attention of someone’s eyes and hands, such as:


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Yielding to Pedestrians at Crosswalks

When it comes to vehicles versus pedestrians in roadways, some pedestrians behave as if they have the right-of-way in all situations. It is true that a driver must attempt to avoid hitting a pedestrian, even if the pedestrian is being reckless. The pedestrian is at greater risk than the driver during potential collisions. If the pedestrian is a child or a person who is clearly confused, the driver’s responsibility becomes greater. However, Illinois law dictates situations where a vehicle has the right-of-way over a pedestrian. A pedestrian who violates the law may receive a fine. More importantly, the pedestrian’s negligence may prevent him or her from collecting personal injury damages from the driver. Most people understand the basics of pedestrian right-of-way laws, but there is a commonly misunderstood situation involving crosswalks.

Intersection Crossings

Many intersections will clearly show when and where a pedestrian may cross a street by using traffic control signals, traffic signs and marked walking areas. Pedestrians must obey traffic control signals that direct them when they can cross an intersection. In absence of those signals, they are allowed to cross when:


Phone Use Increases Risk of Car AccidentsIllinois law makes it illegal to use a handheld cell phone while driving, but how much safer are the roads? Statistics from the Illinois Department of Transportation show that the number of fatal crashes have increased the past couple of years. Distracted driving is still thought to be a major cause of car accidents, and a recent study released by Cambridge Mobile Technologies suggests that phone use is a particular problem. The smartphone applications company conducted a national study of hundreds of thousands of drivers, which yielded the following data:

More Than Half of Crashes Result from Distracted Driving

Specifically, the study said that 25 percent of the drivers involved in crashes had been using their phone within a minute of the crash. Further breaking down the habits of distracted drivers, statistics showed:

Bicyclists Need to Document Accident EvidenceBicycles in Illinois have the same rights on the road as any other vehicles. So, when bicyclists are involved in road accidents, they need to treat it like they would as a driver. Bicycling accidents can cause serious injuries, especially if a motor vehicle is involved. Proper documentation of the incident can make the difference in a successful personal injury case.

Here are four steps cyclists should take to document their case after an accident:

1. Report the Accident to the Police and Your Insurance


Top Factors Contributing to Fatal Traffic Crashes, fatal car crash, car accident, Crystal Lake car crash attorneys, DUI, excessive speedingEach year across Illinois and in the United States, numerous individuals lose their lives in fatal traffic crashes. While every fatality crash is different, there are factors that are common to many of them. Sadly, many of these factors are well within the control of one of the involved drivers. This means not only is one driver usually held responsible for the expenses and costs of the surviving family members of the deceased driver but also that these types of crashes are entirely preventable.

Top Causes of Fatality Crashes

Some of the more common features or circumstances that lead to fatal crashes in McHenry County include:

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