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Il injury lawyerThe National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that a person dies in a drunk driving crash every 52 minutes on average. It is estimated that approximately one-third of car accidents involve a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Most people know about the dangers of drunk driving but do not truly grasp the severity of the problem until drunk driving directly touches their own lives.

If you were seriously injured or your loved one was killed in a drunk driving accident, these numbers are no longer mere statistics. You know firsthand just how devastating a drunk driving crash can be to victims and their loved ones. This blog will explore how a civil injury claim may benefit you and your family after an injury or death caused by a drunk driver.

Personal Injury Claims for Intoxicated Driving Accident Injuries

Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal organ damage, and broken bones are just some of the many injuries a drunk driving accident victim may suffer in a crash. Many victims require extensive hospitalization, surgery, physical or occupational therapy, medication, and ongoing medical care after the crash. Some are temporarily or permanently unable to work due to their injuries.


Crystal Lake car crash lawyerEveryone has experienced the sensation of fatigue or sleepiness. Your eyelids feel heavy, and your vision becomes blurry. It is hard to think clearly, and all you want is to take a nap.

Driving a car under these circumstances is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, many people do so anyway. Drowsy driving is estimated to cause approximately 100,000 traffic accidents every year, resulting in 50,000 injuries and 800 fatalities annually.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident caused by a drowsy driver, you may be able to take legal action against the liable party. You may be entitled to monetary damages, including compensation for medical bills and other expenses.


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1935210119.jpg Car accidents are traumatic experiences that we all hope to avoid. Unfortunately, they are not always avoidable. As much as you would like to go throughout life without ever getting into an accident, it is still important to be aware of what you should do in the event that you are in one. 

When it comes to head-on collisions, there are a few key facts that you should read about and remember in case you find yourself involved in a head-on collision. Whether you are at fault or the accident was caused by the other party, keep these three things in mind and put them into action immediately after a head-on collision

What is a Head-On Collision? 

Also known as a frontal collision, a head-on collision is vehicular accident in which the front end of two separate vehicles collide into one another while in motion. The motor vehicles involved in a head-on collision are each traveling in opposite directions, making it possible for the front ends of both cars to come into contact with one another. 


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crystal lake car crash lawyerThe T-bone car accident is one the most common and destructive traffic accidents. It occurs when the front end of one car strikes the side of another. The name refers to the “T” shape the vehicles form when they collide, resembling the “T-bone” found in some animals.

These accidents account for a disproportionate number of fatal crashes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, T-bone collisions (also called “side impact collisions”) accounted for 23 percent of all vehicle occupant deaths.

Why Are T-bone Accidents So Dangerous?

T-bone collisions are dangerous because of the way vehicles are designed. The side of a car offers the least protection and reinforcement. Often times, a thin piece of metal and some plastic are the only things separating the victim from the full force of the crash.


crystal lake car crash lawyerThe scene of a serious car accident is nothing if not chaotic. It can be difficult to think clearly. Your brain is probably racked with questions– am I hurt? is my car badly damaged? am I at fault? Additionally, your surroundings are probably filled with frenzied commotion; people around you are screaming, onlookers are running over to help, and screeching sirens are cutting the air. It can be difficult to concentrate amidst the bedlam. However, knowing what to do in the aftermath of a serious car accident is the key to a fast recovery, physically, mentally, and financially.

Here are three things to always do after a serious crash:

Call the Police

Always call the police. Firstly, the scene of a serious accident can be hectic, as discussed above. A law enforcement presence gets things under control. Additionally, police reports are important pieces of evidence in an accident claim or injury lawsuit. Sometimes, an individual who causes an accident may try to convince the other driver to avoid calling the police. This is often to escape taking responsibility for the accident. 

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