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Appropriate Tasks for Different Members of Your Divorce Support System

Posted on in Divorce

Appropriate Tasks for Different Members of Your Divorce Support SystemYou will often find a strong support system behind people who successfully go through a divorce. Divorcees will rely on the kindness of friends, family, professionals and even some casual acquaintances who have experience with divorce. It is important to find your support system when going through a divorce, but you also need to know what to ask of each member. A family member should not be making legal decisions related to your divorce. Asking your divorce attorney to console you when you are depressed is an ineffective use of the time you are paying him or her for. There are more appropriate ways for your support system to help you.

Friends and Family

Adult members of your family and your close friends are the people you can rely on for help with your personal life during your divorce. They are the people you turn to when you need:

  • A sympathetic shoulder to cry on;
  • Help with completing daily tasks;
  • Someone to watch your children on short notice; or
  • Someone who can help you forget your stress for a moment.

The friends in your support system should be people who have a limited personal connection with your spouse or a much stronger relationship with you. A mutual friend of you and your spouse may feel uncomfortable picking sides during your divorce.

Support Groups

Family and friends are good at listening to your personal problems but may not be good at giving advice in this situation. They may have no experience with going through a divorce and feel awkward talking about it. A divorce support group is an optimal place to ask questions about personal issues you are having that are related to your divorce. Support group members will listen to you without judgment and give advice if you ask for it. You may feel more comfortable talking to them about certain issues because they can relate to your experience. However, you should not rely on a support group for legal advice. Though some members have been through the legal process, they do not know:

  • The details of your divorce case;
  • All of the legal options available during a divorce; or
  • How to apply that legal knowledge.

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Your divorce lawyer should always be your primary source for legal advice. A Crystal Lake, Illinois, divorce attorney at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, has years of experience helping clients obtain what they need from the divorce process. Schedule a free consultation by calling 815-338-3838.



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