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Activities That Distract You From Divorce Stress

Posted on in Divorce

Activities That Distract You From Divorce StressWhen going through a divorce, it is common for the process to consume your thoughts, even when you are supposed to be taking a break. Some divorce anxiety is understandable and shows that you appreciate the importance of the decisions you are making. However, you could be building towards a nervous breakdown if you cannot occasionally distract yourself from that stress. Simply relaxing may not be enough to help you temporarily forget about your divorce. You need to find activities that are both physically and mentally engaging.


A fitness routine helps many people treat their daily anxieties. It is tempting to forgo regular exercise because your divorce, work life, and personal life leave you exhausted. However, exercise can benefit you in ways that normal relaxation cannot, such as:

  • Expelling your built-up stress;
  • Making you feel healthier;
  • Releasing endorphins that can improve your mood; and
  • Improving your sleeping.

Exercise comes in many forms besides running on a treadmill or lifting weights. You can join classes for aerobics, yoga, dance, or martial arts. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling or rock climbing, can be a source of fun and exercise. Joining classes or groups will also add a social component to your experience that can help distract you.


Immersing yourself in your favorite hobbies or activities can take your mind off your divorce. Making or building something requires mental focus and leaves you feeling satisfied with your work afterward. Other hobbies are engaging simply because they excite you and you enjoy them. If you are unsure of which hobbies you may like, try participating in clubs or classes for different hobbies that sound interesting. Other people can introduce you to the hobby and explain why they like it.


Some people need a sense of purpose to feel engaged in an activity. Volunteering keeps you active while also giving you a feeling of accomplishment for helping others. There are many ways that you can volunteer, such as:

  • Collecting or packing necessary items for those less fortunate;
  • Offering your professional or personal skills to a charity;
  • Helping to build or clean up areas in your community; and
  • Spending time with at-risk children or senior citizens.

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