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McHenry County Parenting Plan LawyerParents who divorce have several important decisions to make. If they choose to share custody, they must decide how decisions about their child’s upbringing will be made and who will care for the child when. They must also address how any future modifications to their parenting plan will be handled, what to do if a parent cannot fulfill their parenting time obligation, and several other concerns. As you write your parenting plan, keep the following tips in mind.

Work Collaboratively on the Parenting Plan, If Possible

If it is possible, it is generally preferred for parents to write the parenting plan together. If parents can reach an agreement about the allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time schedule, and the other components of the parenting plan, they may be more likely to comply with those terms. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If parents cannot agree, the court may need to step in and make a decision on the unresolved issues for the parents.

Include More Than the Bare Minimum

Illinois law spells out exactly what must be addressed in a parenting plan. The two main components are the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time. However, parents should include as much information as they can. You may want to include additional information about how parents will handle:


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_1948159807-min.jpgThousands of people suffer personal injuries every year because of defective products. Often, their quality of life is drastically impacted as a result. Many victims suffer tremendous pain, are left unable to work, and are buried under medical debt.

Mired in such desperate circumstances, many victims decide to pursue legal action. Although many defective product lawsuits are brought under a theory of negligence, they can also be brought under a theory of strict liability.

How Strict Liability Lawsuits Work

Negligence refers to carelessness or irresponsibility that results in injury or death. Many product liablitiy claims are founded upon an allegation of the defendant’s negligence. For example, a product manufacturer may act negligently by failing to conduct adequate quality assurance. Strict liability lawsuits do not require a showing of negligence.


crystal lake workers compensation lawyerA hernia is one of the most common workplace injuries. It occurs when an organ or fatty tissue is extruded through the casing of connective tissue that holds an organ in place. This tissue is called the “fascia” and contains many nerve cells giving it skin-like sensitivity.

Hernias are a widespread complication with a 1.7 percent prevalence among all age groups. It is estimated that nearly 5 million people in the United States are living with the condition.

The symptoms of a hernia can vary widely. Initially, they manifest in a protruding bulge that causes pain and sensitivity in the area. The afflicted may have difficulty bending over or picking things up. The bulge may increase in size over time, creating the sensation of bowel obstruction.


Posted on in Criminal Law

crystal lake criminal defense lawyerIn most criminal cases, the defendant usually tries to escape punishment by arguing that they did not commit the crime. However, sometimes the defendant admits they committed the crime but argues that their actions were justified. This is known as an affirmative defense.

An affirmative defense is a claim that an otherwise illegal act occurred in a context that makes it legal. If the defendant can prove that his behavior was justified under the law, he will be acquitted.

Common Administrative Defenses

Classic examples of an affirmative defense include:


Posted on in Car Accidents

crystal lake car crash lawyerThe T-bone car accident is one the most common and destructive traffic accidents. It occurs when the front end of one car strikes the side of another. The name refers to the “T” shape the vehicles form when they collide, resembling the “T-bone” found in some animals.

These accidents account for a disproportionate number of fatal crashes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, T-bone collisions (also called “side impact collisions”) accounted for 23 percent of all vehicle occupant deaths.

Why Are T-bone Accidents So Dangerous?

T-bone collisions are dangerous because of the way vehicles are designed. The side of a car offers the least protection and reinforcement. Often times, a thin piece of metal and some plastic are the only things separating the victim from the full force of the crash.

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