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Whenever parents get divorced, it is common for one parent to have majority parenting time of the child or children. In these cases, the parent that does not live with the child will typically pay the other parent child support. The level of child support owed is determined based on the both parents' net incomes and other factors. At the law office of Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, we work with clients on both sides of child support issues. We strive to protect our client's interests and ensure the child's best interests are also protected.

Calculating Child Support Following Changes To Illinois Law In July 2017

On July 1, 2017, an update to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act took effect that redefined how child support is calculated in Illinois. Prior to this change, Illinois used a "percentage of obligor net income" model, and child support was calculated as a percentage of the non-residential parent's net income depending on the number of dependent children being supported. Under the updated law, Illinois has moved to an "income shares" model which considers income disparity between parents and shared parenting in its calculation.

In determining the level of child support owed, the court takes into account how much each parent earned in the past, is currently earning, and will likely earn in the future. While the guidelines in the statute are straightforward, how the court calculates net income can be complicated. Our attorneys are skilled in working with clients of all income levels. Our goal is to ensure that our clients obtain a fair and reasonable child support arrangement whether you are paying or receiving.

Reaching an amicable divorce settlement that includes child support obligations is always the preferred resolution, as it saves our clients time and expense while helping to preserve positive co-parent relations. When that is not possible, however, we are always prepared to litigate these matters in court.

Child Support Modifications

A child support determination is meant to endure for some time and take into account future circumstances, but circumstances can change unexpectedly. If one parent becomes unemployed and can no longer pay the level of child support order, for example, a modification to an existing child support order may be necessary. We are experienced in handling post-decree modifications both in and out of court.

If you are getting a divorce that will involve child support negotiations or are involved in a child support dispute resulting from a paternity action, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our office is located Crystal Lake, Illinois, and we offer clients flexible hours for consultations and meetings. Our firm serves clients throughout McHenry County and the northern Chicago suburbs.

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