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McHenry County and Kane County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

McHenry County traffic law attorney

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Many people think traffic tickets are not a big deal, but any moving violation charged as a traffic offense can have consequences for your driving record, your driving privileges, and your insurance rates. Some traffic charges can also carry hefty fines and the possibility of jail time. At the law office of Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC, we understand the real world consequences some traffic charges can bring and how important protecting your driving privileges is to you. We strive to clear your driving record and keep you legally on the road.

When Do You Need A Traffic Attorney?

Many drivers who receive a traffic violation such as speeding opt to simply pay the fine and move on. Doing so, however, can tarnish your driving record and lead to a future license suspension. With effective representation, it is possible to get a violation dismissed or avoid a conviction on your driving record. If you can keep your record clean, you can avoid a license suspension as well as prevent your insurance company from raising your rates. Our attorneys are experienced in handling all types of traffic violations from minor infractions like speeding to more serious charges like Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

If you are stopped and/or arrested on a traffic charge, it is even more critical to hire an experienced traffic and criminal law attorney to represent you. Many traffic offenses can not only impact your driving record, but can also tarnish your criminal record and result in jail time. These offenses include:

Losing Driving Privileges In Illinois

Most people do not realize how easy it is to have their license suspended until it happens to them. Every traffic violation will add points to your driving record, and accumulating a certain number of points or being convicted of three or more traffic offenses in one 12-month period will result in the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Losing your license can seriously impact your life and your livelihood. In order to get your driving privileges reinstated in Illinois, you often have to go through a Secretary of State Reinstatement of License Hearing. Our attorneys can assist you with this process. Having experienced counsel guide you through license reinstatement dramatically increases the odds in your favor.

If you have received a traffic violation or have been arrested on a traffic offense, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our office is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois and we serve clients in McHenry County and Kane County. We offer flexible office hours for your convenience.

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