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McHenry County Business Law Attorneys For Breach of Contract Disputes

If you own or are an officer in a business in northwest Illinois, then you are no stranger to business disputes. It is impossible to run a business without encountering some type of disagreement. Certain minor situations can be quickly resolved without in-depth legal advice. However, there will come a time in your career where you encounter a more serious issue. This is not the time to try to handle it yourself. Moving forward without legal counsel could lead to additional arguments or greater liability. Instead, if you believe you are facing a significant dispute that could lead to litigation, contact our corporate law attorneys at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC.

Common Business Disputes That May Lead to Litigation

If these and other common business disagreements are not handled promptly by an attorney, they could result in lengthy and costly litigation. If you encounter one of the following disputes, contact our attorneys today.

  • Employment disputes based on wages and overtime compensation, violations of a non-compete agreement, or accusations of discrimination.
  • Partnership disputes, including disagreements on how to run the business, who is entitled to certain profits, who is responsible for certain debts, and buyout agreements.
  • Contract disputes, which could be with employees, independent contractors, vendors, suppliers, and others.
  • Fraud or deceptive practices allegations that claim your business used deceit, fraud, or other deceptive practices to unlawfully profit.
  • Real estate disputes related to your lease, land, or commercial real estate development.

Let us Help You Resolve Disputes

If you and your business are facing allegations of wrongdoing, call us immediately. We understand that any type of dispute is unwelcome. False accusations that could hurt your company's reputation are the last thing you need. Our experienced business litigation attorneys are ready to represent you and/or your business's interests. We can work with the other party and their attorney to try and resolve the issue as quietly and efficiently as possible. If the other party insists on pushing forward with litigation, we will tenaciously represent your interests in court.

We Are Ready to Protect Your Rights

In certain circumstances, you may be the party leading the charge. Your rights may have been violated. You may wish to uphold your rights to a product or service, or you may desire compensation for your financial injury. In whatever way you have been wronged, we are ready to review your rights under the law and contract. We can then proceed with negotiations, and if necessary, file suit in the appropriate jurisdiction. We will do our best to help you avoid litigation. However, if you desire to move forward with your claim, we will fight to protect and advance your rights and your business's bottom line in court.

Contact Our Corporate Litigation Lawyers Today

Disputes and litigation are often the price you pay for creating a successful business. You are bound to run into an individual or business that fails to uphold its responsibilities toward you and your business. You may also run into a person or other business that thinks it can benefit from a misunderstanding or false allegation. Whatever your situation, our business litigation lawyers at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC are ready to represent you and your business. Contact us today at 815-338-3838 to schedule an initial consultation.

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